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Life update November 20, 2006

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Well, I am not really sure that I have anything to write about.  My husband had his 26th birthday yesterday.  So much has happened since his 25th.  Last year’s birthday was sort of a turning point for us.  It was at his birthday party that we realized that most of our friends were people who had left our church.  They were all still walking with the Lord but had had irrepairable differences with the Rock.  The day after the party we went to a wedding of a couple from the Rock.  My husband commented that there seemed to be a high turnover rate at the Rock.  A friend of ours replied “Well, the Rock demands a lot and some people just can’t handle it.”  I think his jaw dropped.  That caused us to look at what was going on with more open eyes and we realized that all these little warning flags had combined into one really big warning flag. 
Then came the lay-off from the “really secure” job.  Then we moved into the inner city where we were going to do the “community” thing.  You know, work in the community, church in the community, shop in the community, etc.  Yeah, didn’t work out so well.  30-some resumes and not even one nibble.  Very discouraging.  So my husband began thinking more seriously about joining the armed forces.  Kind of scary for his wife but it was the right thing.
And now, only a year later, we are across the country, financially stable, looking to have a “career”, we have a kitten.  We’ve lost our church and some very good friends but we’ve gained life experience that is priceless.  I have seen and lived by the ocean.  I saw the west side of the Rockies.  I camped by a river in Central California.  I made a huge car decision basically on my own. (And fortunately, it was the right one!) 
So, as I look back over this last year, I am so proud of my husband and what he’s done with this last year of his life.  I look forward to being a part of the following years. 
Life is good and God is good.

Oh, and my daughter  says funny things.  A couple of weeks ago, she finds the thermometer.  She hold it up and says, “Don’t put this in my butt!”  I looked at her in shock.  I was positive that we quit doing that long before she would remember, but remember she does.  So watch out parents out there.  They are much more aware than we like to think.


One Response to “Life update”

  1. CC Says:

    “Don’t put this in my butt!” I literally laughed and laughed and laughed. Normally I cannot put the LOL and truly mean it. That was stinking hilarious!

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