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The Truth Only Hurts When It Should November 26, 2006

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Well, I had a horrible revelation today about myself.  My husband and I were walking through Target and we began to “discuss” money and our budget.  As I am in charge of everything in our budget except earning the money, any problems become my problems.  So I began to get upset and it became obvious that we were not communicating very well on this subject (which is pretty typical of our money/budget conversations).  We progressed to Border’s where this discussion quickly began to be an argument.  And suddenly my husband says to me, “Becky, are you upset that we aren’t independently wealthy?  I feel like you expect that now that we are “comfortable” we should be able to buy whatever we want, whenever we want.  Is that possible?”
And I realized instantly, that’s exactly what the problem was.  Because we are no longer worried about paying our car insurance, I think that we should be able to just go buy a Playstation 2 at the drop of a hat without saving.  HAH!  But it was totally how I was thinking.
I have rearranged and reorganized and pushed things around and made lists and folders and accounts and what do you know?  When it’s all said and done, we aren’t independently wealthy.  We can not go and buy whatever we want, whenever we want.  We can’t go out to eat at the drop of a hat without consequences (ie. Spending less at Target or not buying a game this week).  I can’t remodel the house today.
I am just so disturbed that I really was feeling that way.  I don’t really know what to do.  I feel like a rug was yanked out from under my feet.  I like to think of myself as a well grounded and sensible person.  But then this happens and I realize that my grip on reality is not always so good.  *sigh*  I know that I will figure it out but ~geez~ this is not going to be a fun learning and growing experience.
So anyway.  We bought M&M’s.  They were really good.


One Response to “The Truth Only Hurts When It Should”

  1. Neil-Angie H Says:

    Wow, we are really cut from the same cloth aren’t we? Neil has never called me on it but I know I am guilty of thinking the same way. Aren’t you glad that we are works in progress? I know that I am.

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