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Hubby Got His Job!!! November 27, 2006

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We don’t know what it means but he has a job.  He’s going to do fuels…yeah, and now you know as much as we do.  We know that it deals with petroleum based fuels (gas, diesel, etc) and cryogenics.  And now you really do know as much as we do.
He leaves for Texas (I can’t remember where.  It starts with an “S”) January 8th and graduates February 21st.  Because it is so short, my daughter and I probably won’t be coming home for that time.  And we don’t know where we’ll be going after that.  My husband turned in his “Dream Sheet” (where we would like to be stationed) tonight but I don’t know how long it takes until you know.  Hopefully we know before he graduates.  We chose all overseas bases except one in Alaska.  What’s the benifit to having someone pay for you to move and live somewhere if you don’t take full advantage of it?
To be honest, I am really excited and really scared.  I mean, there’s always a possibility that we’ll get stationed in Utah or Missouri (and to be honest, I don’t know anyone who’s gotten based on one of their “Dream Sheet” bases).  It’s just scary to realize, “Here we go.”  In less time then my husband has been in casuals, he will be doing his job.  The thought of moving overseas is exciting and scary.  Exciting because, hey, we’ll be living overseas and experiencing new cultures and living in places that people pay to go.  Scared because living in California has made me realize that I do in fact miss my family when I don’t have the option of driving home over a weekend.  It’s scary to realize that I will be very, very far from them.  But exciting to know that my daughter will know that there are other cultures besides “American” out there.  She may even have the chance to learn another language.  Of course, then she could talk back and I would have no idea what she was saying but it’s exciting.  Scary because I don’t speak a second language.
You can all be praying for us as these desisions aren’t made by us and we don’t really know what’s going to happen.  But he does have a job, our life has a direction again, and life is good here in California.

It occured to us the other day that we are leaving California in December and going to Iowa and then to northern Minnesota.  In the dead of winter.  What are we thinking?  Have we lost our minds?  Will our bodies be able to adjust?  Will the people that we visit turn their heat way up for us?  We stayed with friends a couple of winters ago and they didn’t want to turn the heat on.  Being from Missouri where it was 20 or 30 degrees warmer, we hadn’t packed adequately.  I think we had one sweatshirt between the two of us.  We traded back and forth during the day and then hurried to bed so that we could be under the covers and cuddled up.   But we will be prepared.  I even found the winter coats.  We will be prepared.


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