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Ahhh, the attempts at a social life December 10, 2006

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Well, I here that this is a special situation and that almost any other base will be better.  It is next to impossible to get people involved here.  We had a Christams party tonight.  There were three couples, myself, (my hubby was working), and two kids, mine and a two year old.  We were in a room who’s maximum number of people was 183.  We did have some good food but there was lots left over (which was good because I love calico beans).  There was a gift exchange.  I guess I misunderstood the purpose of the gift exchange.  I found something for less then $5 that was really good (two bags of Hershey’s kisses in a Christmas bucket that I have moved three times and never used) and I received three floating holly candles.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like them, but wait till you hear about the kids exchange.
Again, I misunderstood.  I got a cool kids toy.  Something that I knew my daughter would like and I figured other kids would like.  I didn’t want to buy some cheap piece of crap that would get thrown away the next day.  I didn’t stay under $5 on this one, I spent like $7.50 and got a set of wooden blocks.  They were way cool.  And my daughter got a Dollar Store magna doodle.  It’s cool and the pen isn’t broken (I stepped on the one that she already had and broke it) so that’s good, but it just felt so cheap after I put so much though into what we brought.  SIGH.
Oh well.  I know that sometimes it takes a while to get into the swing of things.  And next time, I will try to help some in the set up of the parties.  Like, this room was divideable.  We could have closed off three fourths of the room and had a much more appropiately sized room for the number of people that we had.
Oh, and it was pouring rain when we got there.  I mean pouring.  And then it was pouring when I got home and because I had gotten a ride, I didn’t have the garage door opener so I had to run around the houses, fell in the front yard, rolled and was back on my feet (I bet it looked hilarious, this fat woman, running through the rain, tripping over her own feet, rolling head over heels right back onto her feet and then continuing to run), through the back yard and then unloaded my stuff.  I was soaked.  Had water running down my forehead. 
And my daughter had waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar.  It was 11 pm before she finally quit crying and hollering “But I’m not tired!” and what not.  But now the house is silent and I should be going to bed but I don’t want too.  I have so many things that I should be doing.
I have Heather’s wedding gift to work on, Katies’s Christmas gift to work on, Christmas cards to work on, moving stuff to organize, (we know where we are going by the way so give us a call), dishes to wash, laundry to do, etc.  But here I sit, pouring my heart out to the masses (or at least my friends and their friends).
Well, I think I will do some of those things that I mentioned and end this blog.  Later.


2 Responses to “Ahhh, the attempts at a social life”

  1. CC Says:

    Sorry about that. I totally know how that goes. One time I went to one of those parties and put some careful thought into what I brought, and in the end I got a can of beans. Yup a can of beans, probably didn’t cost more then 50 cents. I should actually be at one of those parties right now, but the kids are sick so Josh had to go without me (it’s not just a party but a school function so he had to go) *sniff*…Oh well.

  2. Becky Says:

    Well, Mrs Clause is a popular choice. I really didn’t anticipate that at all. Maybe there were just more women answering then men. I don’t know but I think that it’s a little strange. Do we all secretly want to be married to a fat man in a red suit? Or a man who sneaks into houses? Or a man who brings us toys? I think that’s it. We just want to be “in” with the toy giver. That’s why I chose her…Actually, I chose Mrs. Clause because she’s supposed to plump and she is always happy.

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