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Christmas Wish Lists December 14, 2006

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We are working on our Christmas lists.  Ya know what?  I will just go ahead and tell you mine.  These are light things that we can take with us on a plane.

1.   Johnny Cash CD’s ….We already have Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and A Boy Named Sue and Other Story Songs

1.b.   Dolly Parton — Silver Dagger

2.   Barlow Girl CD — Christian, preferably the one with “Not Your Average Girl” song on it only because I have heard clips of that album and not their newer one.

3.   Gift cards are always good.  Make sure that the store exists either where we are going (and you all know where that is) or maybe on the way there from here.  Or somewhere that we can shop online.  Borders (preferred over Barnes and Noble), Bath and Body Works, etc.

4.   An appointment calender book…I have a fairly specific style.  I want each week to have it’s own page with some sort of picture on the facing page.  I have seen a Far Side one and an MC Escher one that I liked.  The picture is on the left side and the week is on the right.  Something like that.  Either funny or pretty or mesmerizing. 

5.   Orginizational stuff (okay, this isn’t really light or plane compatable but it might be or maybe I could mail it to myself).  ooh ooh ooh  I just remember something.  A “tool box”  The kind that you would put nuts and bolts and screws and little thingys and wigits in.  It has little clear plastic drawers.  I would like something like that for my beads.  With many, many small drawers.  I found these bins that hang from the self above them.  They are really cool.  I think taht I could put a couple hundred of them to work.  Oh, a knife/wrench magnetic strip.  I’ve always wanted one of those.  They had them at camp and I think they are the neatest things.

6.   Beading tools.  If you go to a craft store that has jewelry making supplies (Micheal’s for you Iowans) you should find tools.  Like nylon jawed flat nosed pliers.  Nice sidecutters.  Flat/smooth nosed needle nosed pliers.  Chain nose pliers.  Round nose pliers (I think they might be the same as chain nose but I can’t remember).  Basically, I have three really cheap pliers.  They need to be replaced and there are half a dozen others that I would like to have.

7.   If this hasn’t given you some ideas, I don’t know what else to tell you.  Just give me cash, I guess.  Image

And my daughter’s list…Should I ask her? or choose for her?  Well, she’s asleep so I am going to choose for her.

1.   A Thomas the Tank engine train — there are numerous kinds out there.  There is a kind called “Take-a-longs”, sold at Walmart and Target.  That is not the kind we want.  They are a little smaller than the others and they don’t fit the wooden track.  Places like Thinker Toys, Micheal’s during the holidays, carry the ones that fit the wooden track.

2.   Wooden toys.  Target had a set of wooden blocks (plain and painted — plain preferred as the painted ones are very slippery against each other) for $10.  They also had some other wooden toys that I like but I can’t remember what they were.

3.   Also at Target they had a generic wooden train set.  There were a number of different sets.  As we have returned the Thomas table and train set to the neightboors, a set of her own, would not be amiss.  Talk to us before purchasing as we are thinking of getting her some – but more sets mean more fun tracks so just give us a call.

4.   Any crafty thing that she can do.  She loves to glue.  So if there is a glue that is easy for a 3 year old to use, buy us some!!!

5.   Sunglasses.

6.   Tatoos (temperary)

7.   Any musical/noise making instruments.  She loves it and as we are training her to be as annoying as we are, we don’t mind.

    I can’t think of anything else.  Oh, maybe some little girl nail polish.  I think she would like to paint her nails (with some adult supervision of course)  Oh, and as always, books are always welcome.   We have read a number of the Thomas the Tank Engine books and have found that the original ones are great but the ones that are based off of the television series really suck so if you find some (probably at a thrift store as new they are fairly pricey) please just read through it and if it’s stupid or there’s no clear cut moral to the story, skip it because, seriously, some of them are really horrible.

I can think of a few things that my husband would like. 

1.   Metallica CD — S & M  ; Metallica’s orchestral album

2.   Gift card to Border’s

3.   hideously ugly ties…just kidding

4.   any episodes of Family Guy

5.   A t-shirt that says “I’m appalled”  (Please check spelling)

6.   A Nintendo Wii  (Hey, it’s a wish list, not a likely to get list)

7.   A PS2, and the game Champions of Norath (a role-playing adventure game)

Okay that really is all I can think of … all, like it’s a short list.  Ha!  Anyway.  We love you all and can’t wait to see those of you that we are going to see…Sorry Nana and James and Ellen. I am sure that my parents would put you up if you wanted to come and see us. 🙂 


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