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so I am reading another book… December 16, 2006

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So I am reading this book called “Letters From Mississippi…Personal reports from volunteers in the Summer Freedom Project, 1964, to their parents and friends.”

I feel pretty stupid but I didn’t realize that Mississippi was that big of a deal. The state refused to obey Federal law. Just out and out refused. And these volunteers are beaten and shot at (two were killed the first week of the project), arrested and beaten, chased with cars, run off the road, harassed. The voting registrar refuses to give the test to blacks and then when they are allowed to take the test, finds anything thing and everything wrong with it and rejects it. People are fired for registering to vote. Fired for allowing volunteers to stay at their homes. People who open their homes to the volunteers are threatened with bombings and sometimes not just threatened. The school houses are burned and/or bombed. Churches are bombed. The volunteers are kicked out a churches and read statements before the whole congregation about how evil they are and how they are ruining the perfection of race relations that Mississippi has.

It’s appalling. I am just embarrassed to find out that I really don’t know American history worth a darn. I don’t have any idea about the issues that have faced our country in the last hundred years. Guess I have a lot of researching to do.


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