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Free Stuff!!! January 20, 2007

Filed under: Anecdotal — Addicted to Yarn @ 3:36 am

So, I bought these jeans at Lane Bryant and they had buttons on the back pockets. Not, like buttons one would sew on but buttons like you would put on with a hammer and a rivet setting set. I’ve had them a couple of weeks and one of the “buttons” comes off. I am not too concerned until I see me reflection and the flap of the pocket is sticking out like a little butt flag. Not cool. So I decide to take them back. Only one problem. They are the only jeans I have. So I go in anyway, by which time, the other “button” has also disappeared. I go in and explain the situation and how I don’t want a new pair of the same jeans because I think it will just happen again but I also didn’t like any of the other jeans I tried on and so the wonderful, beautiful women behind the counter refunds my money. Just like that. I got free jeans. Not just any free jeans. Free $40 jeans which I hadn’t really had the green light to buy. I mean, I was authorized to buy jeans, but $40 jeans? Probably should have had permission. But now, the price is right.

And how cool is Lane Bryant? There is a reason they are more expensive than Wal-Mart or Target. It’s because of this little thing called “customer service”. Really, it’s an amazing thing. And you know what I am probably going to do with me money? Spend it at Lane Bryant on shirts to go with my cool free pants.

So, there was something else I was going to write about but now that it is 335 in the morning, I just can’t remember. Later.


One Response to “Free Stuff!!!”

  1. RiverRatRanger Says:

    Becky, I just read all 30 of your blogs. But, what does 39 mean? I laugh untill I cried on many of them. I have a comment on the Cockroach one. I knew about the resistance to death for themselves. I did not know that they had something to do with asthma. I do know that along with the obvious, rotting wood brings them about. That may be why old homes and buildings have more problems. That explains why we have trouble where we live. There is rotting wood all over out here. Finally, I can’t help but think that there is something very useful about a cockroach. God created them for something. Maybe they carry the cure for cancer or hepatitis C. We just need a scientist smart enough to figure something out. Love Mom in Law

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