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“Moving” right along…ha ha ha ha ha January 30, 2007

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Oh, I kill me. Anyway…moving plans are moving right along. I had a wonderful time this morning with our housing office. Turns out that privitization of military housing is in fact a really crappy idea. I called our next base’s housing office to apply for housing. She said to go to our housing office here with two copies of my husband’s orders, fill out an application, and fax it to them. The application was form 1746. So I call the housing office and they have no idea what I am talking about. They seriously didn’t know a thing. So I went to the insurance office to switch doctors and while there, I talked to Army Community Services and asked about it. They had never heard of it either but they knew about this cool little thing called “Google” and found the form, printed me off two copies (I am keeping one…I will not go through this again), and now can better help future families. Where, Pinnacle is just stupid and they are as stupid now as they were when I first called. Because they just don’t care.

But all is well. I got a toddler bed for my daughter from freecycle. It’s a Winnie the Pooh bed. It’s pretty cute. Has her off the floor. Oh, and a doorknob thingy so that she can’t open her door. Maybe now it won’t take 2 hours of fighting and screaming to get her to bed. Now she is at least trapped in her room, right? I’ve had to start locking all the upstairs rooms because she was getting into everything. My jewelry, the medicine cabinet, etc. She is very smart and resourceful. I was worried that she would fill herself a bath or go to the park or who know what else she might decide to do. Maybe rappel down the side of the house. Anyway.

That’s what’s going on here. Talk to you all later.

Oh, and the wait on housing is only 30-60 days after inproccessing. Means 30 -60 days after we get there but, hey, that’s better than years, which was what I was worried about. Later all.


2 Responses to ““Moving” right along…ha ha ha ha ha”

  1. James T Says:

    I can see her piecing together a rope from various clothing articles and climbing out a window after taking a bath on her own. Of course, with a gallon of jello strapped to her back. You two have got yourself a very smart kid. It sounds like she is getting more so each day. Congrats. Just make sure that she learns that knowing how to use what she learns is what truly determines intellect, not the total mass of facts that she knows. Do that, and she will be ok and you will have fewer parent things to worry about. A nice little bonus for you, right?

  2. RiverRatRanger Says:

    When Jael’s father was her age I watched one day as he smashed his toy car into a cement block and broke the car. “You did that on purpose!” I exclaimed. He looked at me totally shocked at my ignorance. “Dad, everybody does EVERYTHING on purpose. That’s the meaning of life!”. yeah, right… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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