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Mutants February 8, 2007

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I have been watching the X-men movies and it has sparked some questions in my mind. Say it happened. Say humans began mutating in the same manor of the X-men. How do you think we would respond? How would the government respond? How would the Church respond? Would it be like in the movies? Would we treat them as outcasts and as “dangers” to us all?

Would kids fantasize about developing mutant powers or would they dread it? Would mutants take over the world or would they be just like normal humans, some good, some bad? Would the good ones fight the bad ones and destroy whole islands? Who would pay for the stuff they broke? Where did Charles Xavier get the money to build the mansion, the X-jet, and Cerebro? Why didn’t they just kill Magneto? Would there be a scale, like if you are a level 4 and up, you must be registered or somehow contained?

Would the church recognize them as “humans” that is, with a soul? Would the church even admit there were mutants or would then say it was just “environmental”? Or maybe they would claim it was demonic.

How would you respond? Would you accept them? Would you let your kids go over to the mutants house? Would you let your child go to a school where they were taught by mutants?

What would you do if you developed mutant powers? would you use them for evil or for good? Would you try to be a normal person or would you try to do more good since you have been given more ability?

Oh, and by the way, I am totally serious. This isn’t supposed t be a funny blog. I really want you to think about how you would respond if your next door neighbor could mow his lawn with out touching the mower. Or if your pastor could read your mind. Or if your thirteen year old son could walk through walls. How would you react? Would you support them or suppress them? Think about it. It is more applicable to our lives than you may realize.


4 Responses to “Mutants”

  1. Neil-Angie H Says:

    You really need to get more sleep! I love you, sis.

  2. James T Says:

    Well, I think it would be a mixed bag. Some would accept so far as thet are not in the middle of anything, some would accept and attempt to understand through communication and interaction, some would not accept and try to understand through more questionable methods, and some would flat out deny it. The ones who would be inclined to take shots at a low-flying alien spaceship would be she same ones who would be performing acts of vandalism and voilence. The same goes for governments, since they are, in spite of what a lot of people want to belive, only as good and honest as the people who are in power. If you get people who are moraly ambiguous, then so will go the country. As for if I were to start mutating: it would depend on the mutation. If it could be hidden, then I would simply continue to live my life normally. But, if it were like Wolverine’s regeneration, that would be much more difficult to explain why I haven’t aged in a few decades. Then, I would have to find somewhere remote or I would move every few years to a place where no one knew me. And finally, if the mutation were extremely dangerous and the individual had trouble controlling it, then by all means keep them away from the general public until they can control it, for their safety and everyone else’s. If they will not go voluntarily, then you’ll have to find a way to move them without them or anyone else getting hurt. Consider how bad that person would feel if they know that they cannot control something that is hurting others. Case in point: Rogue’s ability to drain the life out of people when she touches them.

  3. RiverRatRanger Says:

    Let Old Dad… the Teacher of Responce to Aggressive Behavior spread wisdom. Abberant behavior is usually a responce to feelings of powerlessness. That is why people pick up weapons. (God made man, Sam Colt made them equal). We all want to feel as powerful as those we face. Mutants with super powers would make us feel less powerful. We would have a myriad of rationalizations and justifications for destroying/restraining the mutants, but in the end we would do it because they are different and we fear them.

  4. oneliterofmight Says:

    I just want to say, if I was that cool, I would pee ice cubes. No seriously, I agree with River and James.

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