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Entry for February 18, 2007 February 18, 2007

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Well, I can’t really think of anything to write. Not much has been going on. I have been doing some fiction writing…fan fiction really. Like I said in my “Mutant” blog I recently watched all three X-men movies. Since watching them, my head is just full of ideas for stories and what not. I just recently finished a short story called “Logan’s Virus”. It is getting test read. I would like to post it online on a X-men fan fiction site, but not sure if it’s good enough. I will just have to wait and see what everyone thinks.

I am getting things packed up. I packed a box of kitchen stuff today and a couple of other boxes as well. I think I’ve backed 24 boxes. I know there’s tons more but, hey, it’s a start, right?

My beautiful daughter is driving me bonkers. She misses her daddy a lot. Today she was being a punk and I was starting to get mad at her and she starts crying and says, “I miss my daddy.” I grab her in a hug and with tears in my voice, whisper into her hair, “Me too, baby. Me too.” She starts laughing and I ask why she’s laughing. “Cuz, it’s funny,” she answered.

I look at her and ask, “Did you just use your father to manipulate me?”

“Yes,” she answered while continuing to laugh.

I removed her from my lap, spanked her lightly on the buttocks and told her to go play.

She’s wonderful and smart and beautiful but I just want to put her in a pie. “A blue pie like Thomas with blue and black like this,” she requests.

6 more days. 6 more days and my love will be back in my arms and available to discipline his daughter. Just 6 more days.


One Response to “Entry for February 18, 2007”

  1. RiverRatRanger Says:

    One of the high points of my last couple years was the time I spent camping with you, Nana, and the pie girl down in San Antonio. She is delightfully scampish, with flashes of maturity and knowledge that are almost scarey. She reminds me a lot of her auntie Heidi, who, at the same age, maniuplated her Grandfather. I’d given him a Hostess fruit pie and told him to divide it with her. Once I left, she batted her big eyes and said very seriously, “Grandpa, I don’t LIKE to divide pie.” She got the whole thing.

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