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I DID IT!!! February 22, 2007

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I have officially begun my fan fic career…well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But I posted the first chapter of my story. Yikes!

I feel all shaky inside but really excited. Following is the first chapter. RRR, you are probably right. I’ve edited it so besides the darker tones of Logan’s memories, it’s family friendly. Hope you all enjoy.

Here’s the link if you want to read it in it’s entirety

Oh, and ** denotes emphasis (italics)
and // denotes thoughts

And for those that don’t know or remember, Logan is Wolverine. Super fast healing, indestructible metal skeleton, 12-inch retractable claws-3 to each hand, keen sense of smell (like an animal), Bobby controls ice, Storm the weather (doesn’t come into play here) and Rogue takes people life force or in the case of mutants, their power first and then their life force.

Logan’s Virus

by Becky Walker

“Bobby, he said we had forty-eight hours!”

“We do, Carlee. We have forty-eight hours until Logan’s dead. He never said we had forty-eight hours with Logan conscious.” Bobby looked at the students. They were scared. Hell, *he* was scared. This routine practice run had been anything but routine and anything but just practice.

“What do we do now?” Carlee asked, her voice shaking. She was Team B’s environmental mutant controlling plant life, making it grow hundreds of times faster and stronger than nature alone could.

Bobby looked down at Logan’s pale face. His body lay still but for the occasional twitch. “We take him home. We get the doctor working on this. We follow protocol. When someone goes down, we get ‘em home.”

He ignored the burning of his eyes and the lump in his throat. “Tony, Cash. Get Logan to the jet and be careful. Any more bruises or cuts are not going to help him.” Then he turned to Joyce, the team’s telepathy mutant. “You got everything recorded?”

“You know it. Let’s get this team home and get Logan…better.”

Bobby noticed how she hesitated over the word. Logan had been injured before. He’d been in a coma for almost twenty four hours after nearly killing Rogue and had been near dead when they’d brought him home from Liberty Island, but this? This was different. Bobby shuddered. He didn’t like the way this was looking.

The team moved quickly through the passage way, where they had so recently been ambushed. Ahead of the others, Tony called back to them, “Which way do we go up here?”

Joyce ran up to the guys and closed her eyes. She pointed. “This way.” They took the left fork and were soon in daylight again. The jet was not far from the entrance.

Bobby watched his team settle themselves. Tony buckled Logan in while Cash readied the jet for take-off. Cash had been the team’s pilot for over six months but his heart still thrilled when he talked to her, for that was his mutation. He could talk to machines and understand their inner workings. He knew before they broke. He knew just how much he could get out of them and could talk them into giving just that little bit more.

Bobby sat in the copilot’s seat and silently thanked Xavier for putting such a useful man on his team. Cash caressed the instrument panel. “Come on girl,” he said. “You’ve got to get us home super quick. We’ve got a badly hurt man here and he’s friend to us all. Fly like you’ve never flown before.”

In response Inora’s engines roared to life and the jet left the ground.

“Buckle up, guys, this is going to be one fast trip.”

Then the jet shot forward and they were on their way.

The team was silent on the flight home, but Bobby knew what they would be thinking. Joyce would be replaying the event in her mind, keeping it crisp and clear. Carlee would be thinking of home and how far away it seemed from all this. Tony would be flexing his biceps under his leather uniform and trying to think of nothing at all. Cash meanwhile, radioed ahead to alert the medical team and gave them a rundown of what had happened.

And he? Well he sat beside Cash and tried not to think of how his first mission as team leader had gone. He glanced back at Logan. He looked older than he had before.

Bobby mentally kicked himself. He was supposed to be a Team Leader and he couldn’t even run a practice. As his face sank into his hands he choked back tears. Logan was more than a friend. He’d been like a brother, and now he’d failed him. Failed him big time.

They arrived at the mansion in record time. The medical team was waiting at the landing pad and they rushed on board to put Logan onto the stretcher, hurrying him to the med lab. The rest of the team followed, subdued and worried.

They reached the infirmary just as the doctor was about to start an I.V.

“NO!” they shouted as one.

The doctor jumped back. “What? Why?”

“Joyce, would you show the doctor?” Bobby stepped back and allowed Joyce to move into the center of the room, acknowledging Storm as she walked in the door. Bobby nodded seriously. As leader of the school it was good she was here to see this. Storm nodded at Joyce to continue.

Joyce had, as all mutants do, a unique mutation. She had a videographic memory and could download it to others in the blink of an eye. Time appeared to stand still but it took a mere second for her memories of the last hours into everyone’s mind.


2 Responses to “I DID IT!!!”

  1. oneliterofmight Says:

    You are amazing. Yes, it is very obviously your first writing. You don’t sound like a professional. Your not. Not yet anyway. Judged among other first tries, rather than judged against the work of established professionals, it is truly amazing.

  2. nana Says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m hooked. I have read the first five chapters and I love it. I really didn’t think I would like it. (not because you wrote it but because of the topic). I was only planning on reading the first chapter but i had to go on. I’m very impressed. I think you have a good start. I think you should peruse this dream. Becky you’re amazing. Don’t give up.You go girl.

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