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What to write? March 21, 2007

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What to write? What to write? It’s been a while since I actually blogged. So much has been going on I don’t really even know where to start. A lot that’s been happening is of a private nature which I am not sure I want to reveal to the masses.

We are getting settled in. I met a neighbor today whose daughter is the same age as our daughter. Twelve days younger actually. She was born the day after her mom’s birthday. Very similar to our story. The mom seems really nice. Laid back and relaxed, not uptight. I think we’ll get along smashingly.

We are trying to save up in order to be prepared for the unavoidable demise of the family wagon. As much as I will hate to say goodbye, I say, sarcasm dripping from my lips, it’s exciting to be able to prepare for the future.

Oh, and our auto insurance has gone up. It just went down, while we were in California, and now, due to our move, it’s gone up one hundred dollars a year. And State Farm does not offer renter’s insurance down here. Our renter’s insurance will be, to protect against wind, hail, and flood (notice the lack of liability and theft), six hundred fifty dollars. I am appalled. But this is hurricane country and so it seems as though we out to be insured.

I have been writing a lot. I try to write for an hour a day at least. Some days I do; some days I don’t. I’ve also been reading a lot. Did you know there is a website called and it has fan fiction for everything. For TV shows, movies, books, anime, comics, games, cartoons, and misc. There’s fan fiction for Goonies, Mario, the Redwall series, Louis Lamour, Family Guy, Power Puff Girls, Blues Brothers, Ice Age, Red Dwarf and Home Improvement. It is an absolutely fascinating site but be warned: it is addictive. Star Wars, Star Trek, Happy Days. There’s something for everyone.

So, I’ve been writing (sorry I got off on the fan fiction red herring). My husband thinks I’ve improved, which is good to hear. I’m working on another story (sorry non-X-men fans, it’s another fan fic). When it’s done, I’ll post it here again. It was very hard to get started on but I forced myself to write it anyway and it’s starting to flow and be a lot of fun again. It felt so good to challenge myself; to force myself to plow through something; to get to the end of a page and realize, even though it’s far from perfect, I now have something with which to work. And it’s fun to watch as my characters develop and change. I mean, yeah, I’m the one steering but sometimes, I steer them a little more one direction or another and it’s surprising sometimes. Whatever, I’m having fun.

Well, I need to give our neighbor a call and let her know we’ll be over for dinner.


One Response to “What to write?”

  1. James T Says:

    I know how you feel about “watching the character’s grow”. I do the same thing when I’m writing something. At times, I have no idea what I’m going to do in a specific instant. I’ll have a grand scheme of where I want the story to start and end, but the in between is not planned out. That is when I stop and think “What would Z say to Y and G?”, then I know what to write next. If I’m REALLY stuck, I will wait until 3:00 am or so and start writing in a sleep-induced stupor then look at it in the morning. Sometimes it works, sometimes I can’t figure out what I was thinking, and sometimes I can’t make heads or tails of it.

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