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I suggest checking this out April 25, 2007

Filed under: Anecdotal — Addicted to Yarn @ 5:13 am

Dove has decided that women have been feed a steady diet of fake, airbrushed, unhealthy ideals of womanly beauty long enough and they are fighting back. Good for them. This is a commercial they say they couldn’t show on TV but I don’t really understand. I mean, the woman are naked but they don’t show anything and it’s done very tastefully and artistically. Not anything like a Victoria Secrets commercial or an Axe body spray ad. Anyway, it’s awesome.

GO PRO-AGE!!! Beauty has no age limit.

And then, for the flip side…take a look at this. Think models are prettier than you? Think again and watch the video.

There is a huge amount of debate. What do you all think?


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