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Shoutlife frustrations June 13, 2007

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Years and years ago my husband and his good friend were talking about internet arguments. You know the kind. A message board/group. A heated topic. Yelling at the computer as you read the responses everyone else apparently pulled out of their…armpits.

At the end of this conversation one says to the other, “Winning an argument on-line is kind of like winning the Special Olympics. You may have won but you are still retarded.”

True. True.

I am part of this site called “Shoutlife.” It’s a Christian MySpace clone. No nudity, swearing, etc. For the most part its just fun. I’ve gotten to reconnect with a few people my husband and I had lost contact with. But then I discovered these groups. Debate type groups. It turns out that I don’t believe what most people on this site believe. I don’t have the same political viewpoint and, apparently, I am the only one who know the rules of arguing/debate. No one ever sites their sources. They use personal experience like it’s the Bible. They take bible verses horribly out of context.

I am so frustrated. And it’s so stupid. Why can’t I just let it go? Why do I even bother with these people? You show them scripture and they just ignore it. But then the next post they’ve got more out of context Scripture.

The death penalty is one we’re discussing. God obviously demands death for unjustifiable homicide. And the Torah is obviously God’s idea of the ideal civil government. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have laid it out that way. So I feel the ideal government would follow the civil law parts of the Torah.

This includes the death penalty.

Well…Jesus preached grace and forgiveness so we should just lock them up and make them work for their food and not have cable and make prison suck and never let them out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Jesus taught that a person should be forgiving and giving of grace. He says NOTHING, NOTHING about what a government should do. The parts of the Law that he fulfilled he makes very clear. He gives a new teaching on. He doesn’t say anything about civil government and so I can only assume that the Torah is still God’s ideal form of government.

Why can’t they see this? It seems so simple to me and yet no one understands. There was one person who agreed with me on this and she left the group after the moderator was too harsh on a subject. (Saying that someone demonizes those they don’t agree with isn’t something you should say in public…personal opinion.)

I mean, the early church had to test prophecies and such against scripture. The only scripture they had was the Torah. They preached and taught out of the Torah! Why has the American Christian church decided that the Old Testament is no longer anything more than a history book? I am so incredibly frustrated.

I feel naive actually. We just had a friend stay with us for a week. We were talking about witnessing and she admitted that she struggles with the feeling that if she just has the opportunity to tell people the truth about Jesus, they will believe. How could they not? It’s the truth about Jesus. It was really hard for her to realize that sometimes people will hear the truth and ignore and not believe. I was sort of hard on her and then I turn around and realize I have the exact same expectation.

I expect that when I show, so clearly show, that capital punishment is Godly, they will just go, “Oh, of course. I never thought of that before. Thank you for showing me the light.”


oh well. I think I might have to leave the site because it starts to consume me and makes me really, really angry at people. Party-line toeing, loud mouth, uninformed people who claim Christ specifically.


One Response to “Shoutlife frustrations”

  1. CC Says:

    Not to mention…the only group on that site I really enjoy hasn’t had a nice tasty discussion in months, and I was the one who brought up the last “tasty” discussion so I don’t want to do it every time.

    I agree with you. I hardly ever go on that site anymore except for one or two people. Funny seeing as I was a beta-tester for the site!

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