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Bikes July 1, 2007

Filed under: Anecdotal — Addicted to Yarn @ 6:54 pm

Well, I feel I’ve crossed a milestone in the bicycle commuter world. I have worn out a pedal and a seat. Now, you could say that I bought a Wal-Mart piece of crap. You could say that I am 60 pounds overweight so who’s surprised that my seat broke. You could say those things but I am choosing to say that I have ridden enough to wear these things out.

And I have. My daughter and I (I riding and she in a pull behind trailer-which sucks) go to the library once a week (2 miles round trip), the grocery store twice a week (6 miles round trip), and I ride to the gym three times a week (4 miles round trip). Daughter and I are also known to go to the other grocery store (4 miles), the other library (6 miles), and sometimes the whole family will go somewhere as well (although then I usually ride my husband’s bike so he can pull the trailer). I also ride around our block a number of times a week with my daughter riding her bike (somewhere between two and five times) which is about a half mile but sometimes we do two laps.

So I feel that I’ve legitimately worn out my pedal and seat. We bought new ones (also at Wal-mart but also very cheap). My husband mounted the seat for me but I put on the new pedal. I was pretty proud of myself. I know, it’s not a very impressive thing, but it was fun.

So that’s how goes the saga of the bike riding fat girl. Oh, and I have a great tan. I guess the South has at least one redeeming feature.


One Response to “Bikes”

  1. CC Says:

    Wish my hubby would buy his bike stuff at Wal-Mart! He just bought two tires for like 30 bucks and that was the deal of a lifetime! (He had a $20 off coupon so normally they were $50) He also buys all the special clothes and stuff too. The cheapest pair of shorts that he can stand to wear is $60. I won’t even go into seats (or “saddles” as the snobby cyclists call them) But I will tell you that I paid $60 for a pair of pedals that clip into special super expensive cycling shoes. I ended up giving the pedals to hubby since I got pregnant and wouldn’t be using them for awhile. (This is something that happened in the past, I’m not trying to announce anything)

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