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She-Ra, Princess of Power September 14, 2007

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I’ve decided to revisit my childhood and be She-Ra, Princess of Power, for Halloween. I am so excited, as you can see from my evenings work above. I made the headpiece (which will be a pattern for the real deal) in about 15 minutes. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to make it all but I’m going to post pictures on Snapfish, MySpace, Shoutlife, and Facebook (why can’t all my friends and family use one networking service?).

I think for the headpiece, I am going to use a stiff plastic or cardboard, then paint metallic gold. I am really not sure how I’m going to mount it…I don’t think She-Ra had a visible headband…I’ll have to do some more research. So maybe a headband, maybe not.

I think I’m going to have to make the skirt and bodice. The boots…are a problem. I have never found a pair of knee high boots that would go over my calves. So, since I don’t want to paint an incredibly expensive pair of boots gold, I think I’m going to start with a pair of high heels (as comfy as possible). Then I am going to take some stretchy gold fabric and make boots out of it. I think I’ll end up hot gluing them to the edge of the shoes and then double sided carpet taping the tops to my calves…unless someone provides me with a better idea.

The gauntlets will be cardboard covered with either fabric or painted to match the headpiece. The belt, front emblem, and boots will be made out of the same fabric.

Oh, and the cape…I don’t know. It will be read and square. It will attach to the choker (also gold to match gauntlets and headpiece). Hopefully I can find the right color red. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The sword is going to be sweet. We have this pole from Jael’s old bed. It’s a little wider than a crib mattress. I am going to use it as the base for the sword and build a cardboard or styrofoam body around it. Then I will add the jewel and paint it to match the other “metal” pieces of the costume, the headpiece, the gauntlets, and choker.

So that’s the plan. Israel and Jael haven’t decided what they are going to be yet though Jael is leaning towards an airplane.

So stay tuned for further developments.


2 Responses to “She-Ra, Princess of Power”

  1. Neil-Angie H Says:

    You are awesome! Almost makes me wish we celebrated Halloween. Of course, I could just institute a costume day some other time of the year.

  2. RiverRatRanger Says:

    The handle of a sword is called the “hilt”. You’ll make a great She-Ra. And Jael was BORN to be an airplane.

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