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Our trip to Kansas City…take one October 26, 2007

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Our Trip To Kansas City…take one

We went to Kansas City for a number of reasons. We desperately wanted to get away from the Gulf Coast for a while. We needed to repent to and reconcile with old friends there. We wanted to hang out with some friends we’d not seen in quite some time. We love Kansas City.

So we drove up and up and up. Thirteen to fourteen hours worth of driving and two or three hours of breaks, eating, fueling up, and dipping our feet in Mammoth Spring in northern Arkansas.

The picture above is us and our wonderful good friend Dianna. Friend doesn’t quite describe our relationship with Dianna. She’s much more than just a friend to us all. She’s an aunt to Jael and a sister to Israel and I. We are committed to remaining in each others lives. No matter how much we hurt each other, we’ve committed to working it out. So even though we’ve been apostate these last two years and pretty much broken her heart for those two years, she still loves us and opened her home to us.

We got to KC around 4:30 pm on Monday, washed the car while we waited for Dianna to get off of work (we were a day early so we surprised her. he he he). The Tribal Gathering (the place we were going to do the repenting and reconciling) didn’t start until Wednesday so we spent Tuesday with Dianna and the others in her house. She rents a room from a couple, neither of whom grew up in the US. They are incredibly interesting. Another girl lives there and Jael took to her amazingly. It was nice to have someone else giving her attention. A girl who had lived there stopped over because Dianna thought that her and Israel would really enjoy talking to each other. They did. She was really neat as well.

Basically, it was refreshing and uplifting and loads of fun. We laughed and laughed and laughed. So that was the first part of our trip to KC. Now I am bored with writing. Talk to you all later.


One Response to “Our trip to Kansas City…take one”

  1. CC Says:

    Sounds awesome and that’s a great picture of all of you adults! Too bad Dallas wasn’t on your way! =)

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