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Entry for November 11, 2007 November 11, 2007

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These are my parents, by the way. Who are mentioned later in this blog. I just really like having a picture to post. Makes me feel all cool and technalogically inclined. But I can’t spell. Oh well.

I haven’t blogged in a coon’s age (how long is a coon’s age anyway?) and I don’t really feel like it now. Israel’s gone for another week and a half. Jael has taken to waking up at the butt crack of dawn. I blame stupid day lights savings. Where she used to wake up with the sun at like eight o’clock, now she’s waking up with the sun at seven o’clock and that’s a big hour in between there.

Anyway, I don’t have anything funny or witty or that interesting to say. Life is normal, ie. boring.

My folks might be coming down for Thanksgiving (please, please, please). We are looking for an apartment to move into. Unfortunately, close and affordable do not mix. The apartments that are in our price range (which is lower than necessary as the whole purpose is to save some money) are far away (like a 15-20 minute car commute) and the ones that are close are too much money…or at the very top of our price range.

Oh, I think I have a job. I’m going Tuesday to fill out paperwork and then start training. I’m going to be…don’t laugh…a trainer at Curves. I am chuckling to myself as I write this. It’s just so dog-gone funny. But I get a free membership ($34 dollars saved every month) and I can work out while on the clock (more time with family) and I’ll receive a small paycheck. I am excited. We don’t “need” the money but it will be nice to contribute to the family coffers. Jael will also get to spend some more time at day care, which she absolutely loves and I think is good for her, what with her being an only child and all. I am also trying to get a job at the base library but it is proving to be harder than I thought. Not to mention that the library director is a total prick (which I’ll edit out if I ever get hired and have reason to believe he might read this). The man is a type-A personality to the extreme. And he’s rude. And he’s condecending. But I would love to work in the library and the other librarians would love to have me too. I ran into one of them at Walmart and she asked if I’d applied yet because she’d love to have me come and work with them. So wish me luck.

Let’s see…I can’t think of anything else. So…Later.


One Response to “Entry for November 11, 2007”

  1. CC Says:

    Why do you want to move? Just curious. That’s cool about you getting a job. I hope your parents could come down. Mine staunchly refuse to come down for T-day. Ok so they both work on Friday, but really is that a good excuse?

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