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Entry for December 16, 2007 December 16, 2007

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I made fudge today. It was a long and arduous process but it turned out great. The only frustrating thing is that after all that work (and it was a lot of work. I have a blister and that was with Israel sharing the stirring), I really can’t tell the difference between my hours long fudge project and my mom’s “cheating” marshmallow creme fudge. *sigh*

I don’t know that I’ll always make it from scratch but whatever recipe I use in the future, it will definitely be a once a year thing.

I think that’s why Christmas traditions are just that. I mean, fudge is really good. Oyster stew is really good. The cheese ball my mom makes is really good. Stuffed mushrooms and baked spring rolls with homemade plum sauce are really good. So why do we only make these things once a year? Because they are either freakishly expensive and/or take a freakishly long time to make.

We are going to have baked spring rolls with said homemade plum sauce (absolutely amazing…I will post the recipe later), crab stuffed mushrooms, barbaque sauced little smokies, and popcorn for Christmas Eve. I don’t know what we’ll do for Christmas dinner. I think I might make spinach lasagna. Mmmmmmm.

We are moving in a couple of weeks to a new apartment. It doesn’t feel like a real move. I don’t know if it’s because it’s such a short distance (less than three miles) or because it’s not “official.” It’s the first unofficial move we’ve done in two years. Actually, it’s almost two years to the day of when we moved from Knightsbridge to Hilltop. Instead of moving between Christmas and New Year’s, we’re moving between the 10th of January and Jael and my birthday, the 14th.

We gave our cat away to a nice lesbian couple today. They seemed nice enough but kind of sad. I’ve only ever met two lesbian couples and they are so similar that it’s a little creepy. Couple #1 consisted of a very boyish girl and a very large girl. Couple #2 consisted of a very boyish girl and a very large girl. Both couples were more sad and pathetic than “edgy” and “witty,” which is how homosexual couples are portrayed in the media.

Anyway, I hope they enjoy Spock. I feel like I should feel sad or bad or some emotion besides glee that we just said good bye to a pet we’ve had over a year but I am just so relieved that we are cat free. We’d really gotten sick of him these last months. His pissy sawdust was everywhere. He ate toilet paper and fabric softner sheets and would then throw them up on the bathroom floor. His stupid fluffy hair got everywhere. He woke me up every single morning at 530, meowing at my bedroom door. I would lock him in the bathroom and he would curl up in the sink and sleep until we got up. So why, if all he wanted to do was sleep in the sink, did I have to carry him to the bathroom? All we could figure was that he was just do doggone lazy to walk himself down the hall. Oh, and he wrecked my Christmas tree and harassed my daughter. We’ve shed no tears. Not even Jael.

We made a gingerbread house, too. I would post a picture but my computer and camera aren’t talking to each other right now so it’ll have to wait. Hopefully we’ll get things smoothed over between them before too long but who knows.

I joined a mom’s group. We have weekly play dates and twice a month Mom’s Night Out. It’s lots of fun. Most of the mom’s are not people I would have become friends with on my own and so it’s really good for me to stretch my boundaries and comfort zones. The lady that invited me is really neat. She’s from Cuba and is bilingual. She has two sons, both of whom Jael loves playing with, who are also bilingual, although the younger one does not like to speak Spanish. She had her second son at home and is much more into the “natural” stuff than most people we’ve met.

I met another lady at story time who is also really neat. We got to talking about where Israel and I would be going next and I mentioned that we would really like to go to Germany. Turns out they were stationed in Germany not two years ago. The next day we found out that we are going to Germany, though not for a number of months still. I ran into her the next day at the park and told her the good news. She gave me a ton of advice and we exchanged contact info. the next time we met at the park, she had a bunch of adapters and stuff for us and more advice. She’s multilingual as well, speaking English, Spanish, German, and a bit of Italian. Her sons are bilingual as well and Jael, again, enjoys playing with them.

One of the things she suggested was that we take a German course as soon as we got there. Well, not wanting to wait that long, I’ve started studying German. It’s a lot of fun. 40% of German vocabulary is interchangeable with English. Like the German word for “sofa” is “sofa.” “boot,” pronounced “Boat” means boat. The word for here sounds just like “here.” So it’s a lot of fun. I’m using one all audio course and one just a book course and supplementing with an online dictionary (the courses I am borrowing from the libraries). There is a program called “Rosetta Stone” which is freaking amazing. I want it so much but it’s $500 for the complete set and we just don’t have it. Maybe we can call it a homeschooling expense and justify it that way, I don’t know. But everything pales in comparison.

Well, this has gotten really long. That’s all that going on with us…oh, Israel’s bike got stolen. He had a bike given to him but it was really sucky. Suckier than my bike, which is pretty bad. So he combined the two bikes into one slightly less sucky but brakeless bike. Yeah, the brakes didn’t transfer over so we’ll have to find something else. But it works and I am really impressed. I asked Israel at one point if he had any idea what he was doing and he said, “Nope. I’m going totally on intuition.” And it worked out. So we are still hoping the police find his bike because then we’d have one good bike and one less crappy-than-it-was bike.

So that’s all.


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  1. CC Says:

    Hey that’s really cool about Germany! Someday Josh and I are going to visit France so maybe we can swing by Germany while we are there. =) Let me know when you’re going!

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