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Narcissistic Adults = Narcissistic Children Surprise, surprise. January 24, 2008

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First things first, read this study…

Okay, now begin to read my thoughts.

I’ve got to tell you, my foremost thought here is “Why do people get paid to do studies like this?” I’m not surprised at all by this study. I see it constantly. Each generation tries to make sure that their kids have it a little better than they did. Leading to an attitude of entitlement in our young people. They spend their entire childhood being given every little think their hearts and mouths could ask for and they take that attitude into adulthood with them. Instead of giving our kids everything they want, we must evaluate what they need. Of course, we must model this in our own lives as well. Do we need to replace our one year old Lexus with a new Lexus? Do we need to buy a new dresser just because our old one doesn’t match the bedspread (an issue I’m struggling with right now, silly as it is)? Until we’ve curbed the narcissistic urges within ourselves we cannot hope to begin to address the same in the young people of our nation or the young children placed in our care. They will continue to model our behavior as young people have throughout the ages.

Why, oh why, are people continually surprised when children grow up into the kind of adults they were raised by? *sigh* The bells are tolling.


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