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A day in the life of a slave April 2, 2008

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Due to my husband working weekends to cover for an airmen caught doing something stupid, he no longer gets informed of drills until he shows up without the required things.

The shop had a bag drag today. For a bag drag, he is supposed to bring in this bag that shows how ready he is to deploy. So many socks, pairs of underwear, t-shirts, uniforms, razors, laundry detergent, etc. Of course, before he can actually deploy he will need to buy new uniforms because starch and/or fabric softener (I can’t remember which) causes the clothes to glow like lanterns in Night Vision. So, this is basically a big chance for those higher up to exercise their power over the day to day lives of those lower down. It sucks and they should have called. A phone call to the guys who work weekends. How hard is that?

Of course, for all my complaining, they do some things right. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to get my mouth looked at (more about that later) and I can’t find a sitter, it being such late notice. But Israel can take an hour or two off to watch Jael so I can see the doctor without company. That’s very nice and it’s not something we’ve ever been able to do at any other job. I don’t know that it makes up for the headaches we experience but it’s not all that bad.

Okay, the mouth sore. A week or so ago, I had what I thought was a bit cheek. You know, the spot that you keep biting and it keeps being swollen so you keep biting it, so on and so on. This was way back on my cheek, beside my wisdom teeth, which I’ve not had removed. It’s so far back that I can not just move my cheek out of the way to keep from biting it. I have to puff out my cheek with air or actually hold it away from my teeth with my fingers. This makes eating awkward, messy and not very attractive. My teeth are also hurting. I don’t know if they are hurting because I’ve been clenching them to keep them closed to keep from accidentally biting my cheek, or because they are doing weird stuff which caused this sore to develop in the first place. I don’t have dental insurance. So I’m going to the doctor who will hopefully be able to tell me if it’s a flesh problem or a tooth problem. If it’s a dental issue, I am hoping that a referral to a dentist will mean that it’s covered by TriCare. *crossing fingers*

So that’s what’s going on today. All of this happened after I had to drive Israel in to work because he couldn’t find his ID (there’s no blame there. I wouldn’t be able to find my butt if it weren’t attached.). So I had to wake Jael up at 6 am. Then drive back to pick him up again and then be home with no car. YUCK!

Oh, and the humidity today…100%.

What else is there to say? One hundred freaking percent.


4 Responses to “A day in the life of a slave”

  1. CC Says:

    I once had a science teacher say “If it’s 100% humidity, look outside, it’s raining” So was it raining?

  2. truthwalker Says:

    Humidity means % of water vapor that the air can hold without it precipitating out on contacting surfaces. 100% means that at that temperature, the air can no longer hold water as vapor and starts precipitating it out on anything the air touches. It’s sort of like anti-raining, because it is pouring under the trees (where the dew keeps running off and then re-dewing) and dry out in the clear. And by dry I mean, the dew forms on your body, your hair, anywhere your skin is exposed. It is exactly like being stuffed into Mississippi’s sordid armpit.

  3. J Says:

    so i have a question- what did this cheek thing end up being?
    please let me know asap!

    • ladyrebecca Says:

      The cheek thing ended up being a canker sore, though a doozy of a one. The doctor gave me a prescription for a super strong topical painkiller (which tasted like ass) and sent me on my way. Its location made it the kind that doesn’t respond well to normal canker sore treatments so no cool, “clear this up in a hurry” ointment for me. 😦 But it did heal up fine and probably within a week it was much better. I don’t really remember more than that…I’m more than a little forgetful.

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