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The Crawfish Festival April 25, 2008

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We went to the Crawfish Festival last night (at the Coliseum) and had a riot. We didn’t have any crawfish, which made me feel like we cheated somehow but we’d already had supper, were feeling a little woozy from the lights, noises, crowds and midway rides so we passed on the crawfish (which the friend we were with can’t eat, Israel’s not sure he likes, Jael’s indifferent to, and I wasn’t sure I could keep down, having been on all the crazy rides) and got a funnel cake instead.

Jael had a blast. Israel, Jael, and I went on the Ferris Wheel, which we all loved and  then the Tilt-a-Whirl, which scared the crap out of Jael. She was white knuckle gripping the bar with her lips pulled back in a very amusing face. After that she went on the car ride (a little mini carousel with cars instead of horses), the motorcycle ride (same thing with motorcycles), the carousel, and the “Bee” ride, like the airplane ride I’ve seen elsewhere, but with bumble bees, which Jael noticed, had no stingers. She had so much fun. It was great.

user posted image
Then I went on the Fireball. There’s a picture. The pendulum part turns while it swings to an angle of slightly more than 180 degrees. It was one of the most fun rides I’ve ever been on. The lady next to me was an older Latina and she and I just laughed through the whole thing. The two young boys on my right seemed to do more screaming than laughing. I’m not sure if they were really scared or not. It wasn’t scary to me at all. It was just a rush. Then I went on the Mega Loop. I can’t find a good picture but here’s a sketch of it. It’s pretty simple.
user posted image
I would have like to go one other but by that time my body was rebelling against me. Watching spinning things or even something as simple as Jael on the swing will make me a bit naseated and with all the flashing lights and spinning rides, I was not feeling up to another assault, though I wanted to desperately. But good sense won out so we bought our funnel cake and headed home, me carring a very tired Jael.

Addmission was free on Thursday, we bought one unlimited ride bracelet (for me), a family pack of tickets (22 tickets for $20 instead of $1 a piece) and one funnel cake and spent $45 dollars. Everyone got to ride enough rides and we all got about as much funnel cake as one person needs. When we got home, Israel, thinking we’d bought the larger family pack, thought we’d spent closer to $75 dollars and he wasn’t sure he’d had $75 worth of fun. Once I assured him that we’d only spent $45, he was very pleased with our expenses to fun ratio. All in all, a great night of fun for a very reasonable price.

As soon as I download the pictures from my camera and get the photos that Alex took, I’ll post pictures.

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