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A day in the life of…me. May 13, 2008

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Not doing much today. We went grocery shopping and spent $112. I thought it would be a lot higher actually since we bought so much produce but I guess not. Of course, it’s higher than it has been but what to expect with the American dollar’s value plummeting the way it is.

I don’t want to go off on this or anything but I just want to say that there isn’t a “world food crisis” that is making our food get more expensive. We have a quickly deteriorating dollar and it’s massive amounts of inflation which is causing our food prices to go up. You know that “economic stimulus” money you received from the federal government? Yeah, that’s what happens when they print $600 for every person in the US. The dollar falls like a rock.

And what is this about the “food crisis” being caused by the emerging middle class in India and China being able to eat meat, eggs, and milk? One of Israel’s friends said, “Wait, 60% of Americans are overweight and it’s China and India’s fault because their poor can now eat meat and drink milk?”

Yup. It’s not that we should just stop buying pop-tarts and start vegetable gardens. No, no, no. The rest of the world should stay down so we can stay up. Seems totally fair, after all, we were here first, right?

Glad all the Native Americans didn’t feel that way about us or our forefathers would never had made it through that first winter. ARGH!

Jael’s not feeling well today. She’s been running a really low-grade fever for a couple of days. Not fun. But she’s really cuddly, which is fun so I guess there are trade offs.

Well, Israel is in the kitchen playing with matches, rubbing alcohol, foil, and a glass jar. Not sure what’s up but I think I’d like to be there for the grand finale. See you all later.


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