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Sewing Machines and the Rage We Feel June 3, 2008

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So Israel and I had this big date planned but I had nothing to where. All right, truthfully, I just didn’t want to wear anything I had.

I have the bright idea that I’ll make something. I just got my sewing machine back from the repair shop. It was an old 1950’s Singer clone much like this only not Singerand had worked great for many years. A couple of months ago it had stopped working. I took it in, it worked fine for them so they cleaned it, replaced some worn parts and charged us over $80. So I started working on a shirt I had the pattern for. I planned on making a practice shirt out of some funky material I bought some time ago. I got it all cut out and started sewing Saturday morning. I finished half a seam when my machine jammed. Apparently, there was in fact something wrong with my machine.

I called Israel in tears. I had until Monday night to finish a shirt and a skirt and my machine just took a crap. He calmly told me to go buy a new machine. So I did a bit of research, found a machine that seemed to have good reviews and then tried to find somewhere in the area that sold them. No luck. The only place that carried them was Hancock Fabrics and they only carried Refurbished machines. I went to Hancock anyway and talked to one of the ladies there for quite a while about their machines and finally decided on a Bernina Bernette.

I brought it home and started working on my outfit. The new machine worked great. The next morning, I switched threads and started sewing. The thread tension was all wrong. I read the manual and adjusted the tension. No effect. I tried rethreading the top thread. No effect. I rethreaded the bobbin thread. No effect. I got online and “googled” “Bernette trouble shooting” and what do you know but I found lots of unhappy customers. I read review after review and question after question from people who were very unhappy with their Bernette. I was sick to my stomach and ready to cry. The fabric store didn’t open until 1 pm, it being Sunday, and the repair shop had proved it’s worthlessness already. That and they were so back logged on repairs I knew they’d not get it fixed that day.

So I sat back down and tried rethreading again. No luck. I rethreaded the bobbin and realized it didn’t look quite right. I rethreaded again and looked the same. I figured it must just be different than I was used to. I decided to try once more and very carefully rethreaded, trying to catch the thread in the place it seemed like it should go. Suddenly, the thread caught in a place it had not been catching and when I tried sewing, it worked great!!

I had been threading the bottom thread wrongly. What a relief! I resumed sewing like crazy and finished the shirt. I started on the skirt and had it all finished except the hem by Sunday night. Monday morning, Israel marked the hem for me, I hemmed it and I was good to go. YAY!!

So at the end of this all, I realize, my husband is amazing. I called him crying, and instead of asking what I wanted him to do about it, he told me to go buy a new one. We’d had issues with my sewing machine before and he knew it was time. He just calmly told me to go spend about $300 and not have this problem any more. He’s fricking amazing!!


One Response to “Sewing Machines and the Rage We Feel”

  1. Angie Says:

    Aren’t sewing machines the craziest things? I don’t know of any other machine that can induce insanity as quickly as one that won’t work the right way. I’m glad you figured the new one out. 🙂 Happy sewing!

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