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A review of life of late June 11, 2008

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My goal with this blog was to keep distant friends and family updated on what was going on in our lives. I got a bit sidetracked in rants of the world at large and seemed to bog myself down with an unrealistic expectation of “great” writing.

Today, I’m going to force myself to simply tell what’s been going on in our lives without delving to deeply into a myriad of details.

Jael has been making huge leaps into the world of independence. Due to the heat of Mississippi, which I’m sorry to say, we have acclimatized to, we’ve been swimming almost every day, sometimes twice a day. As a result, we’ve been showering a lot, too. The other day, I had to do some stuff before I could hop in the shower with Jael so after starting the water, I handed her a washcloth and told her I’d be with her in a bit. A couple of minutes later, she asked if I could help her get the shampoo open. I helped her open it and get some in her hands and then I left again. A couple minutes after that, she asked if I could hand her a towel. I walked into the bathroom and the shower was turned off. She assured me that she had washed and rinsed her body and her hair and that she’d conditioned and rinsed her hair. I was ecstatic! So the next day, I asked if she could take care of her shower by herself. She said she could so I went upstairs to my bathroom and showered alone. When I got downstairs, she was out of the shower and dressed. Then yesterday, she told me before she got in that she could do it herself and that I should go shower in my bathroom. I was more than happy to oblidge.

All of this swimming we’ve been doing has started to have an effect. Jael, I am proud to say, can swim. She can move through the water with no assistance while keeping her head above the water. She’s even started to swim underwater a bit, although that’s a bit slow going as she insists on pinching her nose closed. She’s become quite fearless and will jump with abandon into the pool and doggy paddle to the side and do it again. Her favorite game to play in the pool is “Lightning McQueen and Sherriff,” which is a little game she’s made up. She is Lightning, naturally, and I am Sheriff. She swims to one side of the pool and I have to “catch” her. I then drag her back to the stairs and put her in “jail.” I swim away to the other side and she “escapes” and I “catch” her again and put her back in “jail,” all the while, talking in a “sheriffy” voice. It’s fun but slightly repetitive.

I’m playing a Facebook game called “Knighthood” and am having far too much fun with it. I’m currently a vassal of Israel’s but I’m going to lead a rebellion and steal his vassals. He’s okayed this as he’s tired of playing the game.

I’m finishing up a lengthy series of Fantasy literature. I started reading David Eddings’ “The Pawn of Prophecy,” the first book in the Belgariad series. I burned through the five book in that series and started on the next five book series, which involved the same characters from the first. I’m now on book five of The Mallorean and as much as I’ve enjoyed them, I’m ready to rejoin my family and not have my nose buried in a book all the time. I would highly recommend these books but be advised: They are addictive.

Israel is taking two college classes, an intermediate algebra class and a speech class. I think he’s enjoying them but it does take him away two nights a week which is less than ideal but really not that bad comparatively.

Our vacuum died and we are going to order a new one online as no store in the area sells the model we want. We are going to get a Bissel Lift Off. I think that’s the name of it. It’s red. I know that much. I’m very excited as our thirty dollar vacuum was never more than barely adequate.

That’s all I can think of saying today. We are going to go blue berry picking today…provided it’s not storming. I’m sitting here listening to thunder rumble across. I hope it clears up by 10 because I will be really disappointed. Maybe we can pick in the rain if it’s not lightning. *crossing fingers*


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