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Mississippi Gulf Coast Wouldn’t Know Service if it Bit Them in the Face July 21, 2008

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While our ice cream was vanilla and in a cake cone, this was its consistency.
While our ice cream was vanilla and in a cake cone, this was it's consistency

We went to DQ for ice cream but it was Sunday and they were closed. No big deal; we just went down the road to Sonic. We ordered one hot fudge sundae and one child’s ice cream cone. We waited for over ten minutes. Finally, a young woman skated out to our car.

Israel said, “Hello.”

She didn’t answer.

“How ya doing today?”

No answer. I looked over and saw that the ice cream (which was an adult sized cone) was dripping onto the cone. She handed the sundae to Israel.

“Can we get a cup for the cone? It’s kind of melted,” Israel asked pleasantly as he handed the sundae to me. I set it in the cup holder.

Still silent, she took a napkin, and instead of wiping the cone off as I expected her to, she wrapped it half around the cone and half, I kid you not, around the ice cream. And hands it to Israel. In the two seconds it took for Israel to move the cone from the left side of the car to the right side, it had covered his hand in melted ice cream. He was still struggling to pay her so he handed the cone to me. I was going to attempt to clean it up a bit before handing it to my four year old daughter. It was literally running out faster than I could clean it up. Very, very frustrated, I put it out my open window with a sigh of irritation. I peeled the napkin off the ice cream. It was completely saturated. I made another sound of extreme frustration and Israel said, “Hand me the cone, Becky.” I handed it back to him and he took it and the sundae, stuck them back into the carrier our silent waitress was holding and said, “Here. Thank you for wasting everyone’s time.”

Still silent, our waitress turned around and mossied back to the restaurant. We backed up and drove away, hating Mississippi more in that moment than we had anytime previously. They couldn’t even get an ice cream cone right. We went to the grocery store, bought some ice cream and cones and had wonderful CHOCOLATE (which no one sells in a restaurant anymore) ice cream in waffle cones. It was great and the service was friendly and professional, even if the waitress did give Israel a peck on the cheek as she served him.


6 Responses to “Mississippi Gulf Coast Wouldn’t Know Service if it Bit Them in the Face”

  1. CC Says:

    Ice-cream. Yummy! Sorry about the miserable time you had!

  2. Coast Rat Says:

    Hey Rebecca: Is this the Sonic on 49 just north of the high-rise Hancock Bank? If so, I’ll be sure never to go there!

    I have found that, by and large, the people at Gulf Coast Sonics really do not listen very well to their customers. If I order a strawberry shake at a Gulf Coast Sonic, I always tell the skater to tell whoever fixes the shake to reall GROUND THE CRAPP out of the strawberries, so they won’t plug up the damn straw when you are trying to eat it! Nine times out of ten, they don’t pay any attention, and the straw becomes plugged on the first suck of the shake! What crappy service! I’m with you about them!

  3. MSSUCKS Says:

    it doesn’t stop at ice-cream and service—the MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST wouldn’t know common sense, economic development, and technology IF IT BIT THEM IN THE FACE!!!!



  4. Lunamoon Says:

    I know the very sonic of which you speak. you’re right it blows. They are all rude and SLOW AS HELL. Waiting 25 minutes for a chocolate malt is just unreal. sonic pretty much blows. Plus if you go to the one further up 49 by k-mart you get religion shoved down your throat via their sign. I cant wait to move 🙂

  5. Susan James Says:

    Hummm. Interesting to me that we SEE things as WE are… not always as the situation it. Upon further inspection, what LESSON do you think you might have learned from this and HOW do you think the situation could have improved? Perhaps you could have assertively (Sorry but your response was passive aggressive) gone into the Sonic, spoken with a manager and somehow caused the situation to improve for customers in the future. After all, I believe we are here to create a better place, Not just complain about how we see things. Sure, it sounds like it was negative, however, it was also an opportunity to CHANGE things. I LIVE on the gulf coast in MS and I lived thru Katrina. I can tell YOU that it is challenging these days to SEE BEAUTY, but I get up every morning and I do that. It is NOT KIND that you are focusing on the negative. There are MANY very positive things to be said about the Mississippi gulf coast. Perhaps you could PONDER that and awaken to the LOVE in your heart… not just the prejudice and pain. Peace on your Journey towards enLighenment. Looks like you will have plenty of lifetimes to figure it out.

  6. Ahhahaha, you guys are something. Obviously missing more in your lie than service. Ahhaha, I love the Coast for what it is worth and that’s more than San Diego most times. I am so excited to go back. But I don’t go outdoors looking for anything other than amazing natural landscapes and photography. If you walk out the door with any expections… you may be disapointed. But I had a blast while I was there and every few months I go back. Ahh the life of a naturally happy person. Hug someone. 🙂

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