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Iowa, here we come!! August 7, 2008

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Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are hitting the road. We are driving to Kansas City, Missouri tomorrow to spend the night at a friend’s house. We will head to my parents Saturday and spend three days with them. Then we head to Israel’s folks, stopping in Des Moines for lunch with some friends. We will spend four days with them but will be spending considerable time out of the house, one day with my friend, Ellen, an evening with Eric and Tiff, a morning with Ben and Heather, and an afternoon with Tash. Israel’s sisters will be there, one with her two children but not her husband due to problems with the buyer for their condominium, and one with her husband, who we’ve not really gotten to know. We met him a day before their wedding and haven’t seen them since the wedding. We will spend an evening in Cedar Rapids with friends (hopefully, though we’ve not made contact recently so I’m not sure what the status is on that get-together). Then we are headed to Kansas City for about three days of doing nothing with our good friend Dianna. Then we head back south, which will require all the will power we posses.

Upon returning to Biloxi, we will begin to out process as we are scheduled to leave for Germany on the 25th of September. YAY!! It’s all coming together so quickly. We’ve known since Christmas that we were going to Germany but it was so far away. For so long, it’s been months and months away, and now it’s six weeks away. When we get back, we will have 32 days before we fly away. ACK!! and WEE!!!

I don’t know which I feel stronger…no, I do. I am WAY more excited than nervous. I know this sounds dumb but knowing that we’ve an empty credit card makes this so much less scary and so much more an adventure. Anyway, I will update with pictures (hopefully) when we return or if I get bored (he he) while traveling.


One Response to “Iowa, here we come!!”

  1. heathermama Says:

    only three days! hope your trip was uneventful!
    see you soon!

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