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Our Trip to Iowa…and pictures September 4, 2008

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We first visited my parents in Western Iowa. My parents live in a largeish house. My brother and his wife and their two children live in the basement, which they’ve made into an apartment so it’s not as bad as it might sound. My sister and her four children were there most of the time. My other brother, who’s in a band, was there for less than twenty-four hours. When we arrived there was one other band member staying there and a girl who have lived there most of the summer and was leaving the next day.


It was fun but it was also a lot of pandimonium.

Self, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Brother

Self, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Brother

Brother, brother, husband, dad, brother-in-law, neice and nephews, daughter, self, sister, mom, sister-in-law

Jael and I went to my mom’s side of the family’s family reunion. It was okay. I mostly talked with my brother and his wife and my sister. I did get to talk with a cousin’s boyfriend, who had lived in Germany as a child. He couldn’t really give me any advice, as it had been so long since he’d been there and he was so young at the time, but it was one more person who loved it and that makes me happy.

Grandma Charlotte and Jade

Grandma Charlotte and Jade

We went to the Art Museums’s kid’s area and the kids had a great time.

"She's Got the Two Worlds In Her Hands"





My brother, Zach, is a computer guru and the kids were fascinated…

Comtputer Time with Uncle Zach!

Computer Time with Uncle Zach!

And last, but not least, a picture of Jael at the Rose Garden. Zach’s wife, Katie, is quite the amateur photographer. Every picture on this post, except “Computer Time” was taken by her. Katie, Jael, and I went up to a local park so she could take some pictures of Jael in her yellow dress. You may recognize the dress as one I made. Yup. I’m amazing. But on to the picture…

Jael at the Rose Garden

Jael at the Rose Garden

That was the first four days of our trip. Hopefully I’ll post more. I’m struggling with loading pictures. Hopefully I’ve figured it out but we will see.


3 Responses to “Our Trip to Iowa…and pictures”

  1. truthwalker Says:

    You know I was even AT that rose garden and I still say that picture looks fake.

  2. amarisgrey Says:

    Israel looks so enthusiastic. Srsly.

  3. ladyrebecca Says:

    Yeah…he hates pictures. Can you tell? He and my youngest brother did something rude, obscene or just funny in every picture. I think this was the least offensive one, where Israel simply looks peeved/bored.

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