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We live in Heaven September 24, 2008

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It’s official. We live in a little slice of heaven.

Jael and I were walking back from the commissary, a walk of less than a mile. I was carrying a canvas bag and a couple of plastic bags. Jael was running along side me with my sweatshirt draped over her tiny body. We must have looked cold as we had two people stop and ask if we needed a ride. Twice.

I called an office and asked about the PCS Child Care program. It wasn’t the office I needed to talk to but she told me who to call and said if there was anything I needed, any questions about anything, just give her a call.

I wen to the Airman and Family Readiness Center and talked with them for about thirty minutes about living in Germany and getting a house, etc. They were so incredibly helpful. They were also very sympathetic when they heard we were coming from Keesler. Apparently, everyone in the Air Force sees Keesler as the hell hole it is.

But we are here now and it is wonderful.


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