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These are the things I’m doing November 3, 2008

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I am studying German. That is always in the back ground of my brain.

I am reading a number of books. A couple of crappy young adult books. One I just started called “Brunettes Strike Back.” The title got me on that one. I got a couple of books from a trilogy called the “Prime Dragon Trilogy” and a couple from the “Hollow Kingdom Trilogy.” The first book in the Hollow Kingdom series sounds really familiar, like I swear I read it but I don’t remember it being a series and I can’t actually remember what happened. I just remember the sisters/cousins Kate and Emily. I just finished “Over Sea, Under Stone,” a juvenile fiction about three siblings who do battle against evil and triumph in the end. Good stuff. I’ve also started “The House with Seven Gables” but I am unable to get into it. It’s so “blah blah blah” and “let me spend two pages telling you about how it would take soooo many pages to give you the history of this blah blah blah,” and “let me spend three pages telling you about how I’m not going to tell you about this person and that person.” Ug. Also have a bookmark in “Emma” by Jane Austen but I have little to no hope of finishing that one. “Pride and Prejudice” I was able to read because I enjoyed the BBC production of it so much. I was able to visualize Mr. Darby as all dark and sullen and handsome. Emma, not so much. I requested the “Twilight” series, thanks to Angie. Hopefully it doesn’t consume my life as it did hers but we’ll see. 🙂

I am trying to get our finances sorted out. We owed over two thousand dollars to the travel card and when I called for the balance so I could send a check, all but $36 had been paid. ? Israel got an email saying that the AF had overpaid us like $240 on our housing allowance so he wrote them a check for the amount. This last LES had an extra $240 paid to us as “Advance Debit” or something. Anyway, I don’t have power of attorney so they can’t talk to me at all. Of course, Israel is working nights right now so him going in to check on these things is a little difficult.

Our stuff is here. Well, not in our house here, but in the area waiting for us to give them a call on a delivery date, here.

We have priced most the stuff we need from Ikea and will probably spend a couple of thousand dollars there. Weee!!

I’m trying to find a PS2 for Israel’s birthday. I got outbid by two dollars this evening. Argh! Oh well. Maybe someone will read this and want to give me one. Eh? Eh? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe you can claim it as a deduction on your taxes because you gave it to a service member. Yeah? Sounds real good, doesn’t it?

Okay, I’m disgusting and really tired. I’ve stayed up far too long. I think it’s after midnight and Jael no longer sleeps until nine. 😦


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