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You’re all right and you’re all wrong November 7, 2008

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My sister wrote a note on Facebook and a number of people responded. I don’t want to paste in all the comments, I think this stands alone okay. Here’s my thoughts. Enjoy or not

You are all right and you are all wrong. Anyone who claims to base their world view on the Bible must understand the difference between the permissive and preferred will of God. If God is sovereign than, yes, Obama being President is his will as God is not striking him dead with a bolt of lightning or having him eaten alive by worms as he did to Harod. God’s permissive will also allowed Adam to damn us all to hell. It’s NOT the same as his preferred will.

If we take the “All government is appointed by God” aspect and refuse to differeneciate between permissive and preferred, we must begin to fight for the restoration of the Americas to British rule. After all, our forefathers fought against God’s chosen king. The Jews who fled Germany during World War II should have stayed put, after all, Hitler was God’s chosen. We really shouldn’t have done anything about Suddam Hussein because, after all, he was God’s chosen leader. Obviously, there is a time and a place for removing a leader from power. There is a time and a place for respecting the office of a leader even though you can not respect the person. Do not let fear of missing the fine line cause you to be apathetic and docile.

The government does have a responsibility to care for the poor. Part of the tithe money was for taking care of the poor. The harvesters were to leave the corners of their fields unharvested for the poor. Every 50 years there was supposed to be a mass redistribution of the wealth (Year of Jubilee). The church’s role in caring for the poor is simply as a substitute for when the government has failed in it’s duty.

Reinterpretation of the law is fundamental to our government’s functioning. The founders of the constitution did not think women should be allowed to vote and yet, here we are, voting. Blacks didn’t have rights until the Americans of the late 1800’s decided to “reinterpret” the Constitution. Right now, the law is that it’s okay to kill the unborn. In order to have this changed we must “reinterpret” the law to see it as NOT okay.

You are right. Nothing happens without God’s allowance. Ask Job if that was fun. God allowed the Jews to die by MILLIONS. God has allowed millions of unborn babies to be killed. The fact that God has allowed something does not mean that we roll over and expose our soft underbellies.

The fact that Obama has promised to make inaccessible health care acessible and improve the state of poverty doesn’t mean he’s going to do it. He’s a politician and the furthering of his own political career will be his primary goal, as it is the goal of all politicians. He will be held by the same constraints that kept George W. Bush from accomplishing anything of consequence.

The poverty rate, as reported by the US Census Bureau, is almost half of what it was in 1959. “After 4 years of consecutive increases, the poverty rate stabilized at 12.6 percent in 2005- higher than the most recent low of 11.3 percent in 2000 and lower than the rate in 1959 (22.4 percent), the first year for which poverty estimates are available (Figure 4).” US Census Report, page 20. “Roe vs. Wade” was decided in 1973. The poverty rate is basically the same, give or take 2 percent. Now, I think abortion is terrible, too, but you can’t say it’s the cause of poverty. Nor can you say that homosexual marriage is the cause as there has not been enough time for evidence to be gathered.

And yes, having a mom and a dad in the home might greatly decrease poverty, especially for those under 18. So lets decriminalize marijuana and send the non-violent offenders home to their families so they can start supporting them again. Let’s fight the illiteracy rate, which in the US is about 20%. It’s awfully hard to get a good job when you can’t even read the want ads. It’s hard to read the Bible or make an informed decision about anything if you can’t read. How can we expect to change anything when 20% of our citizens can’t read? All our pamphlets and signboards? Wasted on one out of five people.

No, we shouldn’t trust the government to do anything. They will only do or not do the things which we, as the people, hold them accountable to. We must be more active than simply voting every four years. If you think a person should be in office, start sending their campaign money. If you want to see the poor taken care of, start tutoring kids to help them read. If you want to see abortions cease, start taking girls in and supporting them and their children. If you want the government to stop lying to you, start holding them accountable. Minimum wage has not gone up at the same rate that Congress has voted themselves raises. Why are we content to allow this to go on?

And the definition of “messiah” is “a professed or accepted leader of some hope or cause.” It only means “the expected king and deliverer of the Jews” if it’s capitalized. I don’t think hellfire is necessary for saying that Obama is the professed leader of hope for the American poor.


One Response to “You’re all right and you’re all wrong”

  1. Angela Himes Says:

    What I wrote on my note on Facebook was just a short and sweet with the purpose of encouraging people. I was hearing a lot of “We’re doomed” kind of conversations and was hoping to help my brothers and sisters have some peace in a not so peaceful outcome.

    I agree with what you said about God’s permissive will and preferred will. If we followed God’s perfect will, if Adam and Eve had never sinned, then every government leader ever put into power would be in line with God’s preferred will. But that isn’t the case. God created us with the ability to choose whether we wanted to do things the right way or not, and Adam and Eve’s choice in the Garden let sin into the world, thus allowing evil men to come into power. I don’t believe that God WANTS us to suffer. He does allow us to suffer because it will make us into the people that He desires us to be. IF WE LET IT.

    Bottom line, I was saying that I wasn’t going to get all ho hum and down because Obama got elected. I don’t like him, I think there is more to him than what he has let the public see and something tells me it isn’t all good. But I choose to trust that God knows exactly what is going to happen and so I’m not going to waste my energy worrying about it. I will expend my energy to become a better person and do what God has required of me. Our society will change because of changed hearts not changed legislation.

    Love you sis!

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