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Playing basketball linked to sexual sin! Next on wacky news! December 18, 2008

Not only are Christians terrified of the homosexual agenda to destroy America, they are also terrified of girls playing basketball on the same teams as boys. After all, “it could lead to sin.

I’ll recap the story for those of you who are too lazy to click the link or, like a certain in-law I know, have the world’s slowest internet connection and it already took ten minutes to load this page. Westside Christian School in southern Florida played in the Suncoast Christian Conference. Westside did not have a girl’s basketball team. The school only has 112 kids and not enough interested girls. The coach for the boys JV team saw 13 year old Aliyah playing basketball with the boys during P.E., which is co-ed. He thought she had good moves, good speed and natural talent so he, after studying up on the bylaws, asked her if she’d like to play. She played on game before the school got an email from the head honcho at Suncoast. She played again and Suncoast called a meeting of their 11 schools. Once school didn’t vote but it wouldn’t have mattered as the 8-2 vote to not allow Aliyah to play was passed. Westside immediately left the conference and has lined up games with other schools, many from the conference.

The reason for the discrimination? It might lead to sin. All that bumping and grinding that happens on the court. All the ass grabbing and chest rubbing. “Inappropriate contact” was the phrase I think. It would go against the “Christian upbringing.”

I don’t even have the energy to really comment on this. It’s so ridiculous. I am all for sexual purity but come one people! After reading some of the more ignorant comments, one in which those who disagreed with Suncoast Christian Conference’s decision were accused of reading, at most, two verses on Sunday, I said this:

Interesting. As someone who did grow up reading the Bible and, no, not just two verses on Sunday, I studied it deeply, I find this very disturbing. The Bible says it is good for a man to not touch a woman and I think this is where these people are coming from. So I expect there to be a lot less hand shaking with the pastor after service because, after all, it might lead to sin, no matter how innocently it begins.

If you are going to pick and choose what parts of the Bible you are going to follow, choose love, not hate.

And if playing b-ball with a girl leads a boy to sexual sin, the problem is with the uptight upbringing and not the co-ed sport. There is no one more sex obsessed than a Christian. I know, I was there. My friends who did not grow up in the church were not NEARLY as sex obsessed as myself and every other christian kid I knew. The church sexualizes EVERYTHING from holding hands to playing sports to seeing a girl in pants.

Grow up.

And what about homosexuality? I mean, what if all that groping and touching and chest grabbing causes a boy to have homo-erotic feelings for his teammates? I think the answer is to ban all sports completely. Actually, maybe ban fun completely and then you can be sure that no one is every sinning, ever.

So, basically, Suncoast has made a mockery of Christ and his teachings. They have twisted the Bible to say what they want it to say for whatever sick little reasons they have. Some commentors on the articles have suggested pedophilia may be the cause or perhaps just jealousy of a talented girl or plain old sexism and bigotry. I would be interested in knowing a couple of facts. Number one: who was playing on the teams Westside beat their first two games with Aliyah? Who are those boys related to? Number two: What is the race of Suncoasts voting members? I doubt this is a race thing but I think it should be looked into. I think it’s an uptight, over sexualizing, perverted thing.

I also commented at Sticks of Fire, where Tommy has also blogged about this situation. (Thank you, Tommy, for suggesting I add some links.)


5 Responses to “Playing basketball linked to sexual sin! Next on wacky news!”

  1. Min. S. Johnson Sr. Says:

    Well, Looking at the evidence presented her as to why the girl was not allowed to play, “there is none.” Also, I don’t think that we should draw conclusions or bring the Word of God into trying to determine what was on the minds of these people when they voted that the child (Young Female) could not play. What I think is most important, is the fact that Sean Ellington stood up for this child and that this child is able to continue playing basketball. Why the other teams decided not to have girls in the all boys league is beyond me. If this is a way that they feel that will deterr sexual contact, then they are very confused. “Inappropriate contact” wow, try not giving these young boys condems, which places the thought further in the minds of being inappropriate. Maybe, the reason why the boys lost in the two games was because they were thinking inappropriately and if so, then what in the heck are these parents of these young boys teaching their children? What are they allowing them to watch on television at night? You are what your under, so if this is the situation, then maybe some of the coaches needed to be voted against or fully investigated. There has been a lot of “Christian views” swung around lately and when the dust always clears, the ones maying the allegations were found in the scandal. What I will say is this, “Sean Ellington, I thank God for you, and dont look at their faces, but keep your eyes on the prize of the High Calling which is in Christ Jesus. You have begun a good work with this young girl, and please continue to do so. Do not let a job issue and anything else come between your passion.”

  2. ladyrebecca Says:

    I’m not totally sure what you are saying. I HIGHLY doubt that these Christian schools, which do not allow boys and girls to hold hands, are handing out condoms to ANYONE, much less 13 year old boys. And even if they were, I don’t think handing a condom to a 13 year old boy will suddenly propel him from an asexual being into the raging hormones of the teen years. And maybe the other teams lost because they were “thinking inappropriately.” If so, I do think the blame lays with the parents but not for the reason you’ve suggested. I would guess that most of these parents are not sexually abusing their children, if sexual abuse means actually touching a person inappropriately. If sexual abuse means denying a human beings sexuality to the point of mental unwellness, well, I’d have to say that most of these kids probably are sexually abused.

    But I doubt there is any more sexual abuse, of the physical nature, happening in these schools than in any other similar organization. I do commend Sean Ellington and the rest of the faculty at Westside Christian for not being bullied by Suncoast. Kudos to them.

  3. tommyduncn Says:

    Hey LadyRebecca,

    it sure would have been nice of you to link to Sticks of Fire, where you commented on the story.

    I also wonder where you wrote that other comment cited above? and where are the “more ignorant comments” you found?


  4. tommyduncn Says:

    Excellent! Thanks a bunch!

  5. […] goes on to say that the Girl Scouts advocate for sexual equality in sports (GOOD GOD! Girls playing sports! The horror!) and that the Girl Scout constitution has a “ringing endorsement of affirmative action in […]

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