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Evil Twin or Crappy Library? You Decide! January 4, 2009

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My evil twin has invaded Spangdahlem Air Force Base and has checked out the books and movies I want. I know this is my evil twin because she did not return the items but has stolen them and they are now “lost.” I provide this evidence:

  • Beauty and the Beast (a movie with a strong female character I think my daughter would enjoy): Lost
  • The Chicks with Sticks guide to knitting : learn to knit with more than thirty cool, easy patterns: Item missing
  • The Crochet Stitch Bible: Item missing
  • Elf (my favorite Christmas movie): checked out since the 18th of December, making it 2 weeks late
  • Vanessa-Ann’s My grandmother taught me to crochet: Missing Inventory

There are five other requests I’ve placed with the library but those five are all at different libraries and not missing. There are other copies of the above books, at other bases and not missing but because our library “has” them, they can not or will not have them sent to Spangdahlem. ALL five things our library “has” are missing, lost, or so overdue that they will, no doubt, soon be classified as lost.

WTF? Who is going to the library and STEALING the books I want to borrow and return responsibly? Why the HELL are people not being held responsible for the books and movies they steal? This is why we show ID to check things out and are not allowed to just walk out the door with them. I AM SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY!!! ANGRY!!!!


One Response to “Evil Twin or Crappy Library? You Decide!”

  1. Heather Says:

    this is like walmart here in town… there are NO 7 huskies… lane needs husky… can be 8 reg… or 8 husky or 6 husky….. grr….. and every year there are NO NO NO husky’s in his size… are their like 10 other kids that are exactly his size and no other kids… ???? cause there were 5 or so other 6 husky and 8 husky jeans…. whine! i hear ya sista! what do we do?!

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