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Random thoughts after a month of not posting January 23, 2009

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Well, a lot has been happening here since I posted last. My husband “came out of the closet” and told his family and friends he was an athiest. Kind of rocked the boat a bit with that one. Growing up as a Fundamentalist Christian he knew it was going to cause waves but he, and I to a lesser degree, have been surprised at the size of the waves. Almost a perfect storm situation.

I started college. Eke! I’m in school 1/2 time, taking one class a term, five terms a year. If I continue to take one class a term for the rest of our time here in Germany, I will have half a bachelor’s degree. If I can handle the course work and we can find an “extra” $3000 a year, I could take two but for right now, one is just fine.

I’m taking German 1. I’ve been studying German since we found out we were coming here, a little over a year ago, so as of now, most of the class is review for me. But alas, that does not mean it’s not FREAKING hard. My brain hurts at the end of class. But I’m very excited and am looking forward to taking more classes.

Jael turned five (and I turned 28 but that’s not that exciting). She is reading (have I mentioned that here?) and adding and subtracting, though the math skills are not as honed as the reading skills. She has expressed some interest in drumming but I’ve not had time to begin the search for a drumming instructor.

I’ve started looking for curriculum for her schooling. Holy cow. I have so much respect for every homeschooling mom who’s had to go through this. Talk about overwhelming. And we’ve even weeded it down a lot because of how picky we are about certain things. And it’s till overwhelming. And inconsistent. In one program Jael should be in Preschool, in another she’s more at a kindergarten level and in another she’s ready for first grade. ARGH!

Israel is also taking classes: Macro and Micro Economics. He’s also working nights. 12 hour nights. 5 days a week. And the day shift randomly doesn’t show up until an hour after he’s supposed to be off so sometimes he works 13-14 hour nights. Yeah, so we pretty much don’t see him. We are living a lot more like roommates than family right now and it totally sucks. I have some parenting issues I need to work on. Mostly, I am waaaaaay to lax with Jael and it shows. Israel ends up being the disciplinarian and then, surprise, surprise, Jael likes me more and doesn’t want to hang out with dad. So yesterday and today I stepped up my game and immediately there has been improvement. Yay for that.

I have started knitting. And I love it. I made myself a pair of mittens (thank you, Lisa, for the beautiful yarn I used) for myself and am so proud every time I put them on. I’m working on a bright and colorful scarf for Israel and a pair of mittens for a girl with smaller hands than me. Any takers? They are light pink (new born baby girl pink) and have small cables up the back of the hand. They are going to be really beautiful but the pattern is for an early teen (11-12) but I used the next size bigger needle than it called for (needles currently in use on Israel’s scarf but I couldn’t pass up the beautiful mittens) so they are still a little small for me. Boo hoo.

I’ve also started drawing a bit. I’m not too bad though I’d need to devote a lot more time to it if I wanted to get good. I do want to improve but I have so many other things on my plate, becoming a reknowned artist is going to have to go to the back burner.

Jael had her first “babysitter” the other night. Oh, she’s had babysitters before, you know, family and close friends. She’s even stayed with strangers before, you know, at day care and with Family Child Care providers on base. But this was the first time I’ve called a complete stranger on the phone and said, “Will you take care of the most precious thing in my life for an evening?” But I actually found a really nice girl…and her mom. The girl was busy for the first part of the evening so her mom took Jael with her to church, where Jael got to play in the nursery. Then the mom picked her daughter up and they both came back to my house and watched Jael here. It was kind of a weird situation but it turned out well. They homeschool and might be people we can be friends with.

Um…I can’t think of anything else. My brain is mush and I probably have to pick Israel up from work tomorrow at 6am. Which means I get up at 5am. (I have to be awake long enough to be awake, you know what I mean?)



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