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The solution to my library problems January 26, 2009

Filed under: Anecdotal — Addicted to Yarn @ 7:33 am

An Independence, Iowa woman was arrested after failing to return a library book, valued at a paltry $14. She checked the book out last April and despite repeated phone calls from the library staff and a visit from a policman in September, the woman failed to return the book. She was arrested and released after posted $250 in bail.

I think some arrests by Security Forces and some time spent in the tank would improve the library’s “lost” list. Of course, I would be on that list as the book I’ve ordered to replace the one I lost hasn’t gotten here yet. But I’ve shown the library my reciept from Amazon so they are understanding. Anyway, I’m sure she’s really pissed about her arrest. In Harrison County, Mississippi, if a book you checked out is lost or stolen, you are charged $500. I think she got off pretty easy. Unless of course there is a huge fine on top of her bail and, I assume, the cost of replacing the book she obviously lost or stole.


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