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Some “news” from Spangdahlem February 1, 2009

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We get this friendly little paper called “The Saber Herald” and it’s always got something interesting in it. My favorite is the accidents report.

Last week there were 11 major accidents:

1. Injuries: none
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

2. Injuries: stiffness in neck
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

3. Injuries: Minor cuts and scrapes to both hands
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

4. Injuries: All vehicle occupants reported minor headaches
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

5. Injuries: Headache and back pain
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

6. Injuries: minor injuries
Reason: Improper backing

7. Injuries: minor injuries
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

8. Injuries: none
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

9. Injuries: none
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

10. Injuries: none
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

11. Injuries: none
Reason: Speed to fast for road conditions

Then, in the same square, is this little nugget of wisdom:

Some tips for safe winter driving:

* Get a tune up or winterization to check your battery, windshield wipers, coolant level and rear defrost
* Keep your gas tank above half full
* Fill up on windshield washer fluid, and carry extra in the trunk
* Keep a cell phone with you in case of emergencies
* Utilize snow tires
* Carry supplies, such as a blanket, a flashlight and water
* Scrape all the frost off your windows and clean the snow from your car

Let me get this straight. The way to stay safe while driving in the winter is to have emergency supplies on hand.

HOW ABOUT NOT SPEEDING IN THE FIRST PLACE! How about slowing down when road conditions are bad? How about following the speed limits? How about obeying the freaking law? Am I the only American in the area that follows the law and uses common sense while driving? Besides Israel? Wouldn’t it be better to not need emergency supplies? Should the first suggestion be, Slow down to safe driving speed?

Many people we’ve talked to have told us to always have 100 Euro cash in the car because you are expected to pay speeding tickets on the spot. Yeah, you only get a 100 Euro fine if you are doing 20 over the speed limit. That means buzzing through town at 70 km/hr instead of 50. It’s means going 120 on the “equivilant to US county highways” highways instead of 100 km/hr. I just don’t get it. Just follow the law. It makes it much easier to not DIE or KILL SOMEONE ELSE or BREAK YOUR STUFF or GET HURT or just SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOURSELF!

I’m just so irritated by this. People are so stupid.

It’s not always fun to follow the law. I don’t like having people drive up my tail pipe anymore than the next person but you know what? I’d rather be alive and not risk my daughter’s life or the life of every person I share the road with. Yes, I have to pull over into parking areas to let faster people by but you know what? I’ve not been in a car wreck since I quit speeding. I’ve not gotten pulled over since I quit speeding. Since I started following the speed limits my insurance has gotten cheaper, I’ve gotten better gas mileage and my cars last longer. And it’s kind of fun to know that you are screwing the speeders behind you by making them drive the speed limit.

So the next time you are tailgating some pokey person down the highway, just remember that they are getting a kick out of making you follow the laws that you should be following on your own. The more irritated you get, the more they laugh. And if you get pulled over down the road and they pass you, yes, they are laughing at you.


3 Responses to “Some “news” from Spangdahlem”

  1. Coast Rat Says:

    Amen, sister, Amen!

  2. truthwalker Says:

    Nods in agreement.

  3. blendedcolors Says:

    AMEN sister! i have felt this way the enitre time we’ve lived here! it’s ridiculous!

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