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Inspired by a new friend February 6, 2009

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I have made some new friends here in Germany (I hope I can be so forward as to call them friends…I’ve only just met most of them) and one inspired me today. She is an artist and blogs here at wordpress. Last month she took part in a challenge. A 31 day, art journal challenge and posted her results on her blog. I was very impressed with her work and felt inspired to make something that expressed how I was feeling. So I made this…

The feeling of the day is...Bleh

The feeling of the day is...Bleh

The back reads, “A little art journaling to go with a “Bleh” day. Israel’s feeling poorly, Jael’s crazy, I got an “eh” hair cut. Restless and bored feeling. A “Bleh” day. So I made a pretty!”

And that about sums it up. This was done in my sketch pad, 5.5 X 8.5 inches, with a black Uniball, mirco point pen. I love those pens. I think I might have used this one up though. Oops. Sorry Israel. (They are his favorite pens too and I have only recently started using them and so they still feel like they are “his,” you know?)

Anyway, it was fun to do and I used some techniques Sheri taught the kids in Art Class on Thursday. We did something called “Zen Tangles” (correct me if I got the name wrong) and that was the inspiration for the design of “Bleh.”

Other than that, life’s going. I’m in the middle of an internet argument which is always pointless and heartburn causing. My aunt posted a “letter” on Facebook. It’s written as though the Republicans/conservatives were writing a divorce letter to the Democrats/liberals and were deciding how to divide the country. The Right gets the guns, military, NRA, cops, etc. The Left can “keep your precious homeless, hippies, homeboys, and illegal aliens.”

The Right keeps their gas guzzling SUV’s and full size sedans and the Left gets Micheal Moore, Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah (if they can find a bio-diesel vehicle large enough to fit them into).

There was a lot more but these were the two things I chose to comment on. First off, my aunt is a Christian and knows her Bible. So I simply suggested that the “libs” take the verses from the Old Testament that commanded the government take care of the poor and the alien. I explained that bio-diesel would run in any normal diesel engine so a normal semi ought to be large enough to fit their fat butts into…since the left has such a corner on fatties. (That last line might have been a little harsh but come one. Everyone’s got fat people on their side. Are skinny people the only one’s allowed to have an opinion? I mean, what if they other side notices that your spokesperson is fat? OH NO!)

So then some guy is like, “bio-diesel sucks. Truckers hate it. What’s wrong with good old oil? Illigal aliens are rapists and murders and job stealers. They don’t pay taxes but we have to pay for their medical bills etc, etc.”

Oh, and my aunt said, “Lighten up, Becky. It’s just a joke.” Yeah, I’ll bet the homeless would laugh their asses off if you read it to them.

I responded (which I probably shouldn’t have but dang it, the guy was an idiot) and said that oil has become a dirty word because it’s a non-renewable resource and when it’s gone, it’s gone so if there are alternatives, let’s use them. We need oil for other petroleum based things like fertilizer. We CANNOT produce our current level of food without petro-chemical fertilizers. I also suggested he check his sources before saying illegals are rapists and murders and informed him that many of them pay taxes but are unable to recieve any benefit from them.

And then I said, “I don’t think this letter was funny. I think it was rude and mean-spirited…The Church should be taking care of the poor but she’s not. When God gave his nation his law he included in the civil law rules for caring for the poor. If you are going to pick and choose which parts of the Bible you are going to follow, choose love, not hate.” Or something very similar to that at least.

So I don’t know. I probably just started a flame war on my Aunt’s page. I wish I felt bad but I don’t. She posted something mean and ill-thought out and I simply pointed out the flaws in it. Of course, no one will change. We humans, we are opposed to change. Changing is the hardest thing any of us ever do.*sigh*

Maybe that’s why I change hobbies so much. That way it never hurts!

Anyway, Life goes on.


5 Responses to “Inspired by a new friend”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Don’t ever appologize for expressing what you believe is right. I’m on your side…;)

  2. blendedcolors Says:

    hey hey! nice zen tangles!
    also i think if somone is posting ANYTHING on facebook, they are doing it to get comments, right? so if you feel the need, then comment. 🙂

  3. ladyrebecca Says:

    Yeah, I agree. That’s why I post things publicly. I want to be challenged. I want people to disagree with me and challenge my way of thinking. I sometimes post things I know are controversial simply to get people thinking and have them challenge my thinking.

    But regarding my aunt, I think I’ve decided how to handle it. I was planning on writing a long letter, explaining how I don’t like to be labeled and I don’t believe I’ve changed sides since my side has always been seeking Truth. Then I would have further explained my problems with the letter and then explain what friendship means to me, etc. After talking with Israel and reading something a friend posted in an unrelated blog, I realized that life is too short to put that much effort into such a relationship. There are people who don’t label me and do read and comment on my posts and care about me because of who I am, not because I happen to be hanging on the same family tree. I started Facebook as a place to connect with friends. If someone doesn’t read the things I write and I am not allowed to read and comment on things they write, they are not my friend. So I think I’m just going to quietly unfriend her. If she asks me why, I’ll just explain exactly that. She’s family. She knows my parents number and can contact them if she needs current contact info for me and we will be civil and pleasant at family get togethers but we aren’t “friends,” at least not in my book. But I’m still a little mad so I’m going to wait a little longer before taking any action.

  4. […] of days ago Israel, Jael, and I went to a friend’s house (the friend who inspired me to do “Bleh”) and I made some Artisit Trading Cards. I’m not completey sure what ATC’s are all about […]

  5. CC Says:

    Of course there are fatties on the conservative side. How about Rush Limbaugh? Karl Rove?

    Here’s something interesting about that bio-diesel. In temperatures such as the ones we experience here it clumps up and gets unusable. Then the schoolbusses (required by law to run on it) can’t run.

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