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Some art by…Me! February 12, 2009

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A couple of months ago I started drawing. Jael loves drawing and asked me to draw with her. So we sat down with a “How to Draw Cats” book and this is what I made:

HB #2 graphite pencil on printer paper

HB #2 graphite pencil on printer paper

This is another from the same book but I painted it with water color after drawing it.


Watercolors on printer paper

A while later Israel and I were looking at crappy fairy paintings for sale online and Israel said to me, “Becky, you could do this.” To which I responded, “I can’t paint.” At  the mention of painting, Jael asked if we could paint. We weren’t doing anything else and I figured I could try my hand at a fairy and see what I came up with. This is what I painted:


Sad Fairy in Watercolor on clean newsprint paper

Jael asked why she was sad and I said because her favorite oak tree was cut down. So that is why she’s the sad fairy.

A while later, while again drawing with Jael during her “Buggy” phase (Buggy is a small green plushy she got from an exterminator company when they did an exhibit at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport, Mississippi), I drew a bug:

Bug from my imagination in Colored Pencils

Bug from my imagination in Colored Pencils on printer paper

Realizing that I am not actually the worst artist in the world, I scavenged Israel’s sketch pads and went to work. I also snagged his charcoal pencils and his cool smooshy eraser. I got Glamour from the library since it has lots of pictures of people and that’s something I’d like to be able to draw well. I drew a number of pictures but these two are the two that really turned out nicely:

Woman in Charcoal pencil

Woman in Charcoal pencil on sketch paper

Woman in HB #2 graphite pencil

Woman in HB #2 graphite pencil on sketch paper

I wish I’d been a little braver with the second picture and darkened it up quite a bit. It’s far to light, especially when photographed. But still…not too bad.

A couple of days ago Israel, Jael, and I went to a friend’s house (the friend who inspired me to do “Bleh”) and I made some Artisit Trading Cards. I’m not completely sure what ATC’s are all about but I’m learning. Here are the four I’ve completed so far:

Green haired fairy

Water color crayons and marker on water color paper

Water color crayons and marker

Water color crayons and marker on water color paper

Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Talk mixed media

"Talk" mixed media

This morning, after getting up with Israel at 4:30 am, I headed back to bed. Before doing so, I wanted to draw just a little bit. The night before, during class, I’d sketched a really basic head and face. I wanted to expound on that a bit with charcoal (which may be my favorite of the medium’s I’ve tried so far, though the water color crayons are pretty freaking cool). This is what I ended up with:

Charcoal on sketching paper

Charcoal on sketching paper

I am actually really happy with this. There are a few flaws but all in all, it turned out pretty close to how I imagined it. I might actually finish this…you know, give her a neck, a body, maybe a physical place in the universe. Stuff like that.

So this is my artistic journey so far. Between studying German, raising my daughter, schooling my daughter, being a great wife, and keeping in touch with the many people I care about who are far away, I don’t have the time to “art” that I wish I did. But what little time I do have, I thouroughly enjoy.


4 Responses to “Some art by…Me!”

  1. CC Says:

    Good stuff! It must be fun to find a hidden talent. I was especially impressed with the drawings from the Vogue magazine.

  2. hickslive Says:

    hey good work,i do like the talk one a lot! keep it up

  3. blendedcolors Says:

    oh wow… your a really good artist! all of your art you have posted is awsome! i love the last pic a lot… now you have to PAINT one like that… 🙂

  4. danajanedesigns Says:

    I really love your website. I think the picture of the girl is me when my hair is straight. I notice you visited my website, I just created Friday. Thanks for the visit and I’ll enjoy returning here another day.

    Dana Jane

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