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Completed Female with Babe February 16, 2009

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Female nude with babe; charcoal on sketching paper

Female nude with babe; charcoal on sketching paper

This is the head I started a couple of days ago. Jael wanted to know why she was naked…because I don’t really know how to draw clothes. And I didn’t have a nude model either but skin is easier to guess at than clothing. Anyway. This was my big project for the day…after pushing our car up the hill. šŸ™‚

Detail of Femal with babe

Detail of Female with babe


2 Responses to “Completed Female with Babe”

  1. blendedcolors Says:

    woah.. this is somwhat uncanny….. I was sketching last night as well, and it’s crazy how similar our sketches are, as far as position of arms, and what the arms hold, even the long haired lady. mine has a few other things, and i’ll show you what i’m talking about… i joined this awsome program, where they hook you up with a writer, if your an aritist, or artist if you write, and you have to interpret whatever your partner sends you. ei ei ei!

  2. Angie Himes Says:

    Hey sis! I’m amazed! Your artwork is really good! I’m proud of you for pursuing your interests! Love ya! (think I have enough exclamation points?)

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