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Fun in Germany! February 16, 2009

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Replace this car with a Fiat Pandad, take away three of the guys and put a German village in the background instead of a field and you have a picture of my morning.

Replace this car with a Fiat Panda, take away three of the guys and put a German village in the background instead of a field and you have a picture of my morning.

Not really. It’s snowing. It’s been snowing for a while but the first couple of hours of snow melted first so now we have snow on top of ice. We also live at the bottom of a large hill. We live at the dead end of  a road at the bottom of a hill.  I just got back inside after driving our car up the hill while two grown men pushed. Then while I walked back down the hill, after parking the car in the first available parking spot on the flat, Israel and the other guy pushed the other neighbor up the hill. Then I kissed my wonderful husband and sent him on his way.

Our street does not get cleared. Not in any official capacity. Oh, the neighbors come out and throw some salt down when it’s icy but what about when there is three inches of snow on top of ice? What do we do? We all get out and shovel two tracks in front of our vehicles and then all push together. That’s what we do. And it has a certain beauty to it. You know, community and neighborly love and all that stuff. But you know what? It’s also really nice to not have to push your car up an icy hill.

But the Spanddahlem Road Condition is Amber and that means, “Go to work.” So he went. But I called and let work know he’s probably going to be a wee bit late.

Which is funny. When I called, I got an Airman and was very friendly. I had no reason to be angry with him or the Fuels Shop or really the Air Force. Well, word around the office is that Airman Walker’s wife is a real bitch and you do NOT want to talk to her on the phone. And I just wonder if anyone will realize that I’m only gruff (or downright bitchy) when they are calling to screw my husband over. As long as they aren’t talking to me to tell me that Israel has to work more or that he has some stupid thing to do which is going to take him away from his family, I’m a real sweetheart. But when Israel gets a call in the middle of the day, during which he is sleeping because he’s been working 12 hour nights, I am a little strident about him not coming to the phone. And when they call on his day off, I will not hand the phone to Israel until I know what they want.

I don’t know. I’m just amused by the thought of this Airman saying, “She’s really nice. I don’t know why So-and-so thinks she’s so mean. We laughed and joked a little and she seemed really sweet.”  And it would probably never occur to anyone that I am a sweet person until I need to not be.

So anyway. Fun in the snow in Germany. And it’s still coming down. Israel will probably be parking at the top of the hill today.

Israel actually just called and said that the roads are the worst he’s seen yet in Germany. The main road to the base was “eh…okay” but all the side roads, county roads, etc, were pure ice. The roads on base…ha. ha. ha. They’ve cleared the one main road through the base but nothing else has been touched. It’s a holiday, after all. The roads to the flightline, the fuels shop, really anywhere but Arnold Blvd, not been touched. And once three cars have driven on it, it’s pure ice. Fun, fun, fun.


2 Responses to “Fun in Germany!”

  1. blendedcolors Says:

    oh this is only the beginning…. the tip of the ice-berg you might say. but don’t worry , this is gonna be a mild winter…. it already has. i’m not an expert , but when the summers are warmer and sunnier , the winters are not so bad.

  2. CC Says:

    It’s funny how our lives coincide sometimes. The city we are living in will not plow our road. We have had neighbors push us out of snowdrifts and others with tractors plow the roads themselves since the city won’t do it. It’s nice to have friendly neighbors, but annoying to have a stupid lazy city to live in. At least my husband doesn’t *have* to go to his job if the conditions are not fairly favorable.

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