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Ohne Dich and ATC’s February 24, 2009

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I’ve got lots of pictures of my projects to post but today I’m just going to post a couple. I’ve got to spread these things out, you know. First is a postcard I painted for Israel. “Ohne dich” is German for “without you” and this is pretty much how everything appears when Israel’s not here.

Ohne dich in watercolor on watercolor postcard

"Ohne dich" in watercolor on watercolor postcard

These next two are my first attempts at making ATC’s with photos. I wish I had some oil paints to play with but I made do with what I’ve got. The pictures I used were all pictures that didn’t make the cut for my “some day to be completed scrapbook” and I decided to see if I could have fun cutting them up rather than leaving them molding in a box.

Basic Relief

Basic Relief

Missed you, Daddy

"Missed you, Daddy"


One Response to “Ohne Dich and ATC’s”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow…those are great pics!

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