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Goddess of Horses July 16, 2009

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She stood up and putting her hands in the small of her back, stretched, arching her back and letting her dark hair cascade down her back. She straightened and pushing damp curls away from her face, smiled at me. My brown eyes locked on her hazel ones as she extended a calloused and dirty hand to me. I took her hand in mine, marveling at the strength in it. I saw her beautiful, full lips moving and knew she was asking me a question but my ears heard nothing. I knew I was staring and also knew I would stare at her forever if she’d let me. As I felt her begin to pull her hand out of mine, I snapped back to myself and my brain registered what she was saying. As she asked again, what she could do for me, her voice was strong but gentle at the same time. Exactly the type of voice you would expect a goddess of horses to have. As I stumbled over myself, trying to explain about volunteering at the riding school for disadvantaged kids next door and asking if she was looking for any extra help, anything at all, I felt my hands begin to sweat and my face begin to flush. As I inhaled, trying to still my racing heart, she smiled, brightening the dark stall. “I’m always looking for good help. Let’s go into the office and see what you are interested in.” As she walked past me, I caught the scent of soap, both body and saddle and it made my stomach do flip-flops. When I walked out of the office twenty minutes later, a copy of my work schedule in my hand and love deep in my heart, I knew without a shadow of a doubt this was going to be the best summer of my life.

I wrote this for my writing class. Israel asked if I was writing about a lesbian love story. The answer is, “What do you think?”


2 Responses to “Goddess of Horses”

  1. CC Says:

    I wondered about the Lesbian angle only because I knew you wrote the story, so I just assumed that the person whose point of view I was reading would be female. After a little while I decided you were writing from a male’s point of view. Does the picture really go with the story? Is the goddess lady topless? Just curious.

  2. ladyrebecca Says:

    That’s funny. I didn’t really have a plan except that I think someone falling in love with the kind of person I have imagined myself as is neat. Since I usually imagine myself as a female, my story needed someone to fall in love with a female. After Israel’s question, I purposely left the gender of the speaker unspecified. I got an A on this and two others so apparently it worked okay.

    The picture is one I found on-line Googling “goddess of horses.” And yes, after closer inspection, she appears to be topless. And this paragraph is all that got written. “A paragraph describing a love at first sight experience.”

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