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When Atheists Attack: Next on LRMR! December 1, 2009


The sign that started it all

I’m not sure yet whether to thank the friend who passed this little gem on to me or not but here it is…

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania is the site of a current Christmas controversy. Two weeks ago, Chambersburg’s Memorial Square was the site of a nativity scene that had been on display every Christmas for fifty years. Now it is gone. Why? Because a non-Christian group (Pennsylvania Association of Non-believers) wanted to put up a sign in celebration of Winter Solstice and honoring American atheist war veterans. The council’s decision was to ban ALL decorations.

Let me make this very, very clear. PAN did NOT want to remove the Christian symbols from the public square. They simply wanted to put their symbol in the public square. They are NOT happy with the council’s decision to ban everything. Removing Christ from the Christmas displays was NOT their goal. Being allowed to ALSO have a voice was their goal.

Naturally, the Christians are up in arms, hosting a couple hundred person rally. They sported wonderful signs, saying such varied things as, “Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas,” or “Bring back the nativity,” “Enough is enough,” and “”Honk 4 Jesus.” There were also signs such as, “Silverman the Grinch” (Carl Silverman was the man who made the request for PAN), and “Wise men still seek him,” and “Carl Silverman Atheist and our spineless C-burg council, “The FOOL said there is NO GOD — Ps. 51 v. 1,”

What is interesting is the complete and total lack of reality. Here are some quotes from some of the rally attendees who criticized Silverman as “trying to disrupt their Christmas celebration”:

“This country was founded on Christian ethics,” he said. “I’m Native American, but I’m a Christian. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. The atheists can have their own day, April Fool’s Day. The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”

Nice. Way to work name calling into the mix and totally disregard the fact that Christians don’t own December. Way to go having a clue as to why the Catholic church chose December 25 as the day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

“They keep taking stuff away from us,” [Russell Bender] said. “They’re taking Christ out of Christmas. We need to stand up for Christ.”

Wow, that’s odd. Everything I’ve read says that the city council is the one that was taking Christ out of Christmas, not the atheists. PAN simply wanted equality. They simply wanted to take some time to honor veterans who are atheists and recognize the Winter Solstice…which Christians believe God designed!

Scott Fickes said Silverman and others like him are “propagating hatred just like the terrorists did on 9-11…As far as Fickes is concerned, Silverman is a “domestic terrorist, who comes to town and disrupts the economy. Citizens have the right to protect themselves.”


…yeaaaaaah…see Silverman and PAN were not the one’s calling names. They weren’t “propagating hatred.” And I don’t understand really how hijacking planes, flying them into buildings, and killing almost 3000 people is comparable to “Hey, we’d like to put up a little sign to celebrate our winter holiday.” And what exactly are these people trying to protect themselves from? Ideas not their own? Questions they don’t have answers to perhaps?

I just want to point out again, the non-believers WERE NOT TRYING TO OPPRESS OR SILENCE ANYONE! They were simply trying to also have a voice. Freedom of speech anyone? Separation of Church and State anyone?

Oh, and the nativity sign is now across the street on the front lawn of  a church. Where’s the Winter Solstice sign?

(And for those that wondered, LRMR is LadyRebecca’s Musings and Ramblings…clever, huh?)

(quotes from rally attendees came from:

The screenshot of the sign came from FoxNews’ coverage of the story at,0,7450501.story)


3 Responses to “When Atheists Attack: Next on LRMR!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Great post! Christians are the worst to preach love and peace from the pulpit and then take up a full jihad against anyone who disagrees with them; I know, I used to be in their ranks. The utter absurdity of this behavior is just beyond words.

    Anytime someone starts up with the insistence that this country was founded on the “dear lord baby jesus christ” (thank you talladega nights) I get so irritated! Our founding fathers were mostly deists, agnostics and a few closet atheists. The POINT, people, was for freedom. A group that agrees with themselves feels free and doesn’t realize that their “god given right” to freedom doesn’t include taking others’ freedom away.

    The public square should not be held hostage by any one particular group of people; faith-based or any other. I think it all boils down to Christians behave like spoiled little children yelling “nu uh!!!!” to differing opinions. Which is one of the very many reasons I walked away from that nonsense.

  2. ladyrebecca Says:

    Michelle, thanks for commenting! I especially like “A group that agrees with themselves feels free and doesn’t realize that their “god given right” to freedom doesn’t include taking others’ freedom away.” I have a friend that believes freedom comes from God. Man can only take away “god given rights.” Of course, he means Jehovah, which makes me wonder how he feels about oppressing people of other (or no) faith. Since freedom comes from Jehovah, people without Jehovah don’t get any? It’s a dangerous belief because then all kinds of things become tolerable. “Freedom comes from God” can mean freedom besides the democratic freedom most people mean when talking about freedom. Freedom could simply be freedom from sin or freedom from death. So it’s okay that your government has completely destroyed your civil rights. You have spiritual freedom and no one can take that away from you. It’s a dangerous, dangerous belief.

  3. ladyrebecca Says:

    Hey all, a friend sent this to me and I actually kind of like it. If all Christians looked at Christmas this way, I wouldn’t have had anything to write about and a bunch of people would have had a free afternoon.

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