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Women’s Studies Final and a good law December 18, 2009

YEAH! I am done with my Women’s Studies class! Hurray!

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed learning about feminism needed to learn about feminism. It was NOT especially enjoyable. I spent yesterday morning in tears as I read about some of the heartbreaking stories that lead Margaret Sanger to found Planned Parenthood. (A mother of three died following an illegal abortion…after she had BEGGED the doctor and Sanger, her nurse, to tell her how to keep from getting pregnant again. The doctor’s answer? “Tell Jake [the woman’s husband] to sleep on the roof.” Great answer, doc.) And yes, I am somewhat familiar with her racists views…that doesn’t change the fact that she was unable to help this woman because of a “gag” rule. I read about a woman in Ethiopia who lived for two years in a shack, isolated and alone, because of a obstetrical fissure (a tear between the vagina and bladder and/or rectum, causing the constant leakage of urine and feces). Because of higher quality of obstetrical services in the western world (simply better health as well), obstetrical fissure is almost unheard of and is insanely easy to fix if it does occur. This woman, abandoned by her husband, starving and dehydrated (as eating and drinking caused increased leaking), lived for two years curled into the fetal position, wishing she could die. Her parents finally sold all of their farm animals (I wonder how they will make a living now) to pay for her surgery. It was less than $500.

And as I read that, I couldn’t help but remember all the missionaries to Africa I had listened to. I remembered hearing of how they needed Jesus. Of how they needed to be freed from their barbaric religions. And I remembered the sometimes overflowing offering bowl and I couldn’t help but wonder how much more good it would have done to send doctors instead of missionaries? Even when I was a Christian, I could not make peace with the idea of preaching the gospel before taking care of people’s physical needs. *sigh*

Daily Mail photo of Twiggy and Twiggy

One of the problems I had during this class on feminism was the question of “so what?” So women (and many other sub-groups) are still being marginalized. What are we supposed to do about it? Make legislation that makes being a jerk illegal? That’s no better than legislating morality in the bedroom. Then today, just after returning from my final, I saw this article on Olay’s blatant false advertising. This is good legislation. Olay is LYING! They are showing a picture, quoting the woman in the picture as saying, “This product made me look like this” when in fact Photoshop made her look like that. That’s called a LIE and the British Parliament called them on it. Good for them. I wonder what the chances are of having a similar law passed in the U.S.?

There, Heidi, I said something positive about an article. πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Women’s Studies Final and a good law”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’ve never been a fan of womens’ rights focuses just in the fact that I would rather the thought that ALL people should be treated with respect and kindness. I hear from your intro that you feel the same way on that.

    Those are very sad stories and aggravatingly needless. To send Doctors instead of Missionaries?! Now you’re just talkin’ crazy! πŸ˜‰ That would actually be… functional. Everyone knows the soul’s security in paradise for all eternity is much more important than the fact that they’re sleeping in squalor tonight. geez.. priorities woman! (note the sarcasm)

    What a waste of a day to worry about things that are absolutely unable to be known than to just extend a kind hand to someone in need. Very frustrating.

  2. CC Says:

    Ha! Imagine my surprise reading through your whole article to find my name at the bottom. =) I also think more doctors should be sent to suffering people.

    Have you seen the Dove campaign videos? There is one that shows a relatively average looking woman walk into a studio then then they show the make up artists and photographers totally change her. On top of that, after the photoshoot they photoshop the pictures into oblivion. Dove is trying to show how fake our view of beauty is.

    • ladyrebecca Says:

      I have seen the Dove ads. I love the Dove ads. I buy Dove products because of those ads. And I’ve also seen the articles about how they photoshopped as well but I don’t care. They are closer to reality than anyone else and I support that!

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