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Oh the things they say… December 22, 2009

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This evening, Jael and Israel were talking in the other room while I cooked supper. Israel came back into the kitchen, laughing his head off.

“What?” I asked.

Israel stifled his laughter before telling me of their exchange.

Israel: Jael, do you know that I’m going to be leaving on a deployment in a few weeks and that I’ll be gone for six months?

Jael: WHAT? Does Mom know?

Israel: Yeah, Mom knows.

Jael: Good because I was like, “I’ve just GOT to tell her.”

Later this evening, I said to Jael that I’d heard she was concerned about me not knowing Dad was leaving and she said, “I didn’t want you to just ask one day, ‘Hey, why isn’t Dad here anymore?'”

Lots of family hugs this evening as the reality of Israel’s departure kind of hit us. While I am really excited to see my family during his time away, I’m really bummed about not getting to see my best friend, my lover, my daughter’s daddy, my confidant, my skeptical anchor, my favorite person in the WHOLE WIDE world, or my bed warmer for six months. 😦


One Response to “Oh the things they say…”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Hang in there girl!

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