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What? You can’t take undocumented children out of the country? January 31, 2010

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Uh…duh…These people are retarded. I’m not trying to be inflammatory but seriously, how much thought does it take to realize that you are going to be suspected of child traffficking if you take a bus load of undocumented children out of the country? Oh, you were just trying to help? Really? A likely story. And I’ll bet every child trafficker out there says, when stopped by the police, “Oh, you caught me. I was planning on selling these children into prostitution.”

I understand that there are kids who need help in Haiti. Well, really all of Haiti needs help. But it’s kind of like being on a moving job. Let me explain.

My dad ran a moving company for many years. We could empty a house, load two large U-Hauls in a day with my dad, me and one, maybe two, helpers and not break a thing and everything go as planned, or mostly as planned. The other way of doing it is the way this guy we moved did it. He was a popular guy and he had EVERYONE and their dog come over to “help.” We must have had 15 people trying to help us. My dad never left the truck. He just tried to fit things in. The problem is, you can’t just load a truck with random crap. You have to load it carefully so that everything arrives the way it should. Heavy furniture on the bottom, medium stuff in the middle, and light, randomly shaped things on the top and progresing to lighter and lighter loads as you move towards the back of the truck. When he’s being brought random stuff and never has a chance to go back inside and see what should go next, it ends up really sucking.

So the truck is loaded badly.

Then, there is the fact that random people don’t know shit about moving furniture. And they don’t listen when you tell them they are doing it wrong. At the time, I was 19 years old. One of the older men (probably in his late forties) was putting a file cabinet on a box dolly. I said, “Oh, don’t use that. If you put a filing cabinet on a box dolly, the ledge of the dolly will pop the bottom out of the filing cabinet. You have to carry it.”

He ignored me.

He took it down two stairs before the ledge of the dolly pushed through the bottom and the whole thing tumbled down the stairs spilling LOOSE sheet music everywhere. I helped him pick up the mess he’d made, while biting my tongue to keep from going ape-shit on him.

The entire move was like that. One mistake, one bumble, one screwed up thing after another. And it took much longer than it should have because nothing went smoothly. It was chaos and disorganization and frustration.

And that is what needs to NOT happen in Haiti. What is happening in Haiti is terrible. A bunch of yahoo’s running down there and “helping” when they don’t know what they are doing is going to make it more terrible. Imagine that you are a parent who has been searching for your child only to find out that “someone” took them out of the country to “help” them. Is that going to reassure you or freak you out?



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