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Grey hairs February 21, 2010

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I just want to say this. I need to say it. It’s something that’s been on my mind for quite some time and it’s time that I was honest about this. Some people may take offense. If they do, I hope that they can look beyond their narrow mindedness and see the truth behind what I am saying.

I love my grey hair. I think it’s beautiful. When I look in the mirror and I see the grey streaking through my dark curls, I think it’s lovely. The contrast is wonderful. The difference between feel is fun. The grey hairs are wiry and tough, my still dark hairs are soft and fine.

I had a hair stylist ask me if premature greying ran in my family. I was shocked by her question, first for its audacity and second for its obvious attempt at profiting from my shattered self esteem. I’ve not returned to her since. I actually haven’t gotten a hair cut since then because I do not trust my hair to someone that thinks the beauty of my grey hairs are something to ashamed of and hidden from the world. To be ashamed of them is to be ashamed of the life I’ve lived. Ashamed of giving birth to the world’s most amazing child. Ashamed of marrying the world’s most wonderful man (sorry world – I don’t share). Ashamed of walking the path that has led to me being me.

I know that many out there do not like their grey and I hope that they are able to find some solace in their bottles of hair dye but for me, the beauty of it and the life it represents is solace enough.


5 Responses to “Grey hairs”

  1. lesleehorner Says:

    I saw this lady in the grocery store a few weeks ago that looked to be 35 with silver hair. It was absolutely gorgeous! Now that I read this I should have gone with my gut and stopped to tell the woman how stunning I thought her grey hair was! I definitely agree with you on this post.

    (As a side note…I want to ask if you would be interested in writing a “click story” for my blog. Email me or comment on my blog if you are.)

  2. […] Someone that loves her grey too […]

  3. misha Says:

    Why should your self-esteem be “shattered” by a simple question about your family’s grey hair history? If you truly loved your hair grey, you would not be offended by this question.

    • Oh, my self-esteem wasn’t shattered. What I was saying was that she hoped to shatter my self-esteem and then profit from it. It wasn’t shattered. She didn’t profit. Worked out okay for me.

  4. Karen Says:

    Good for you! I am starting to get a little grey, although not that noticeable yet until I pull my hair back. I haven’t dyed my hair in years because it’s too high maintenance for me, but decided that I would start again today. I hate feeling like I “need” to dye my hair; I’d rather be natural and carefree. People always think I’m no older than 30, and I’m actually 47. My fiancé told me he doesn’t think I need to ever dye my hair, but I’ll see how I feel when they start to show more. I did see a beautiful lady in the checkout ahead of me, and she had long dark hair streaked with grey. She looked so beautiful that I was instantly inspired at the thought of going natural. =)

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