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Art Classes March 19, 2010

Filed under: Anecdotal — Addicted to Yarn @ 7:13 am

Jael had her first art class with someone who wasn’t already a friend today. She is taking a clay class. It was like pulling teeth to get here there (she had just met the neighbor girl and didn’t want to leave). She thought it would be boring. I told her, “Too bad. It’s paid for. You are going.” And as she left she said, “I can’t wait to come back next week!” YAY!

She made a pinch pot with a textured outside and inside and a double pinch pot bunny named “Bunny,” or “Bunninia” or something like that. It was fun. Her teacher is great and I think she’s really going to get a kick out of it.

My class, on the other hand, is . . . complicated. I wanted to take an acrylic painting class but I was the only one that signed up for it (and apparently one student is not enough). There was another class, painting/drawing, being offered later in the afternoon on Saturday so I signed up for that. Then, scanning through the other classes, I remembered the mosaics class so I called my mom, made sure she could watch Jael on that night and called the Art Center back. But no one else had signed up for that class either. So I stayed with the later Saturday class. But then, after getting off the phone again, I realized that a later Saturday class totally screws my traveling schedule. There are at least two Saturdays that I need to be in Minneapolis by supper time, which is NOT going to happen if I’m in class until 4pm. So I called the Art Center back again to ask to switch to the stained glass class on Thursday, right after Jael’s class. Fine, no problem

So after Jael’s class I go over to the classroom and find out that my class doesn’t start until next week. I watch the current class as they are finishing up their projects and I realize, I don’t want to do this. It’s like quilting only with sharp, pointy pieces. It’s not that the end result isn’t beautiful. It’s just that I don’t think I’ll find it very rewarding. It’s just putting pattern pieces together and I think I’ll get bored and not be very challenged.

I emailed Jael’s teacher to find out if I can join the adult pottery class a week late (it started tonight, right after Jael’s class). I have a love/hate relationship with clay. I was terrible with it 15 years ago and that failure to produce with my hands what I was seeing in my head has stuck with me, as have all of my “failures.” But a few months ago, I sat down with Jael’s clay and made a really cute little figurine, which until I thought about it again today, I’d forgotten. It was exactly what I was envisioning and was a lot of fun. I think the challenge of doing something that I struggled with in the past will be good for me. I struggle with failure (and anything I don’t excel at I feel as failure) and I know that it is good for me to work through these things that I’ve “failed” at.

Whether I take clay or stained glass, I’ll be making something with my hands and hopefully will be in a better place because of it.


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