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ACOG April 1, 2010

I think I hate the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. A lot. There’s just so much to dislike. They have most recently been brought to my attentions because of the research paper on home birth I’m doing. They are anti-home birth and have no facts to validate such a stance but home birth is not the only thing they are ignorant (or greedy bastards) about.

Take their recommended order of treatment for shoulder dystocia (fetal shoulder caught on mother’s pubic bone). Despite ALL evidence pointing to the order of treatment being 1) Get back up, 2) McRoberts, 3) McRoberts + suprapubic pressure, 4) everything else in whatever order until the baby is born.

The ACOG’s recommendations? 1) Get backup. 2) Generous episiotomy. Um… really? The second step to solving shoulder dystocia (shoulder stuck on the mother’s pubic bone) is to perform a “generous” episiotomy? Slice and dice is step TWO? And the McRoberts maneuver, which is 50-60% effective, is regulated to step FOUR? What is wrong with this group? Do they even know what they are doing? I am seriously going to look for a doctor who is NOT a member of the ACOG if I ever get pregnant again. Or maybe find a dissenter. There are a few. Maybe someone who’s been kicked out for noncompliance to their barbaric practices. That would be sweet.

The ACOG also says that there is no way to recommend an “ideal” rate of cesareans while the WHO (who doesn’t make money off of a high cesarean rate) recommends 10%. They say home birth is unsafe while the rest of the civilized world (and again, the WHO) recommends it. And, low and behold, they have better birth stats than we do. Huh.

Anyway, they just royally suck. If they had a chapter here, I’d go egg their building. And if you ever see Amy Tuteur, MD, punch her in the face for me.


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