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Friggin’ A March 15, 2011

Filed under: Anecdotal,military — Addicted to Yarn @ 1:31 pm

First of all, let me just say that if anyone ever says to me, when I complain about military life, “Well, you knew what you were signing up for” or something along those lines, I will want to punch them in the face. When my husband and I joined the AF (well, he joined but I was in full support of his decision), we thought we knew what we were signing up for but there are a few things the recruiter forget to mention. Things like, if the government shuts down for two weeks, the military doesn’t get paid for two weeks. But still has to go to work. But doesn’t get paid. Has to go to work at the gas station, commissary, BX, etc, because the people who normally work there are going to get sent home because, well, they can’t get paid either. So husband and wife BOTH will not be getting paid but military member must still show up for 40+ hours a week.

Unless you are deployed.

Then you get to work 72+ hours a week. For no pay.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT what we signed up for. One of the reasons we enlisted in the military was the stable, secure income. Yes, we knew that deployments were a part of it. Yes, we knew that being on call 24/7 was a part of it. Yes, we knew that following the orders given to you was part of it. Yes, we knew that kissing ass and not speaking the truth least it be seen as disrespect to an officer over you was part of it. But no, we did not know that working for no wage was a part of it. We did not realize that we would have to so fully face our slavery status.

Because that’s what someone who MUST work but does not have to be paid is. A slave. Welcome to the good ol’ USA.


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